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Site safety Manager - Site safety Plans


This service includes Site Safety Manager Services as per NYC DOB requirements.   This service will be provided by Mike Farahani, president and owner of the company only.


3310.3 Site Safety Plan and Site Safety Program Required.     No work permit shall be issued for the construction or demolition of major buildings, or for alteration of the facade of a major building when a sidewalk shed is required until a site safety plan that meets the requirements of chapter 1 of Title 28 of Administration Code has been approved by the department.


1- A site safety plan and site safety program is not required for the alteration of the facade of a                                     major building between 10 and 14 stories in height.

      2- A site safety plan and site safety program is not required for partial demolition operation in                   major buildings where the npartial demolition operation is limited to to the interior components of the building and where mechanical demolition equipment, other than handheld devices, are not used.
Major Buildings:

1- 10 or more stories, or

2- 125 feet or more in height, or

3- A lot coverage of 100,000 square feet or more regardless of height, or

4- As designated by the Commissioner of the Department of Buildings.

Site Safety Manager:

The NYC DOB requires the presence of a NYC certified Site Safety Manager or Coordinator on every projects of major buildings.

Some projects such as facade repairs may be approved by the Best Squad for part time site safety manager, usually 2 hrs per day.

Site Safety Plans:

The contractor has to submit a site safety plan to the Best Squad and obtain approval prior filing with DOB for work permit.  


Site Safety Facade Repair Plan

Project Title:

Site Safety Plan

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Mike Farahani, M.S., P.E.

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