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9- Life is a Learning Process

Brain Virus

Life is a learning Process!

Do not forget that life is a learning process.

Are you keep learning or you think you have learned enough?

You definitely living in a wrong path, if you think you have learned enough.

In order to find the right path you should keep learning and never stop.

Do not be deceived by your belongings that keep you momentarily successful and content.

If this was the case, how come the amount of belongings no matter how much  

fail to bring you a permanent human
"Infants" satisfaction.

As famous Persian Poet " Ferdowsi" said:

چو دیدار یابی به شاخ سخن         بدانی که دانش نیاید به بن

Do you still think that you know All !

Born: 2012- Rev: April 22, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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