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8- Faith and Belief

Brain Virus

Faiths, Thoughts, and Beliefs !

Any progress temporary and transitional faith or belief you may have prior to completing and graduating from the "Human School" has no genuine value in the Human System.

If you still need to have a progress temporary faith and belief, in order to make peace within yourself, and it gives you strength to complete and graduate from the "
Human School", it is fine.  Those progress faiths and beliefs, at least, should inspire you to become a better human "Infants" and help you to complete the "Human School".

Avoid having any progress temportary pre-mature or undeveloped faith and belief that does not inspire
you to become a better human "Infants" and does not help you to finish the "Human School".
Otherwise, you are just allowing yourself to be fooled.   The subject of, why we, as human " Infants", desire to make fool of ourseves, is also a part of courses that we shall study in the "
Human School".  

Making fool of ourselves is also another one of the human "
Infants" errors that we make due to prematurity and incompleteness of the available data.   
This had already been anticipated and calculated in the specifications of the
"Human Project"  design by the "PE"  for improvement by excersising our "Brain System".

Remember that; The "
Brain System" is a function of the live vartiable "Time" and " Place".

B= ∮(T, P)

Think Hard

Born: 2012- Rev: April 22, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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