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7- Wrong Path

Brain Virus

Wrong Path

Do you care to know if you have been living in a wrong or right path?

Or you do not !

There is of course some discomfort and pain in learning and searching for certainty.

هر آ
نکس که بر سنگ آهن زدی       ازو روشنایی پدید آمدی

Some One Cares !

Why we desire to stay on wrong path?
Why we desire to purposely insert our head into the snow (sand)?
Why we desire to close our eyes to the realities?
Why we desire to play dumb and fool?
Why we desire to be exclusively followers?
Why we desire to trust everything?
Why we desire to surrender than to challenge?
Why we desire to accept the easy way out?

In order to find the answers, we have to accept that, the "Human Project", is so complicated, powerful, detailed that require our fully trust and compliance.

We must trust in our Architect "
We must trust in our Architect's Design.
We must comply with her design and specifications.
In addition we must always challenge the “
Challenging our Architect is a part of design.
"PE"  expects us to challenge her, while the "Human Project" is in progress.
One of the central and main part of our role, task, and mission in the "
Human Project" is challenging our Architect "PE".

Those people, who understand the beauty and complexity of the "
Human Project", are in right direction. They will continue their learning in the "Human School" and they enjoy the touch of happiness and success.

The problem remains in those people who do not absorb and comprehend the "Human Project".

They do not completely trust in "
Their trust in "
PE" is not on basis of proven or solid evidence.
Because of their lack of understanding of the "
Human Project" and also because of poor and weak presentation of the "PE" by others.
These people are vulnerable to any fictional and undeveloped faith, thoughts, and theories.
They look for an easy way out.    
It does not matter to them if what they believe, is right or is wrong, as far as it brings them temporarily phony peace and comfort.

For example: Those who believe in a piece of
stone and pray it day and night.    
What the stone can do for them?  
They keep their hopes and dreams up, and that is all they going to get.       

It is undestandable, that in a democratic society we have to respect everybody belief.   
But, it does not mean that we have to accept it.  

Unfortunately, these kinds of faiths and beliefs, indirectly insult the human "Infants".

As we mentioned several times in the "
IOMT", our performance in the role of human "Infants" at the "Human Project" is a very serious and essential.   

Therefore, this is the responsibilities of the leaders to educate people while respecting their freedom.

Unfortunately, the ill mind leaders by inserting anti-human viruses into people "
Brain Systems" and the weak mind people by accepting phony and copy faiths and theories, are both ashamed and embarrassed to the human "Infants".    
They downgrade the value of the human beings and disrespect the "
PE" Design.

On top of everything they waste a lot of living energies that could be used to faster complete the "
Human Project".

Let everbody know when you decide to try to live like a human!

Born: 2012- Rev: April 20, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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