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50- Human's Life Time

Brain Virus

Human Lifetime

It is very difficult to understand and comprehend the element of variable "Time" in our lives.

Because variable "
Time" is not a substance that you can see, nor touch nor feel nor smell it.

The scientists also, in order, to express and portray the variable "Time" , they associate it with the changes, motions, and reformations of objects and substances.

They mark the variable "
Time" zero( 0) at one point or stage of the object or substance form, and increase the live variable "Time" in direction of the changes, motions and reformations.

The baby is born at the variable "
Time" zero (0) and the baby grows and become days, months and years old.  

When an individual dies, the variable "Time" for that individual stops.

In here, the "IOMT" does not want to get too technical and philosophical about the variable "Time" phenomenon.

The "
IOMT" is illustrating the variable "Time" as an important and essential element in the "Human Project" design and construction.

For many of us the lifetime starts at our birth and ends at our death.   This is true for any individual person, but it does not apply to Human Lifetime.

The Human Lifetime ends when we graduate from the "Human School".

In the Human lifetime, as per "
IOMT", the humans "Infants" shall continue living by passing the baton to the next person at the individual variable "Time" of death, like in a relay running match sport.

Born: 2012- Rev: April 16, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr


As you know, everybody says that “
life is too short” or that "time flies".

These wrong perceptions of variable "
Time", force people off of the Human Life  Track.  And, actually put them in the wrong path of living.

They put a lot of pressure on themselves in order to achieve and accomplish as much as they can in this short time.  Therefore, they fall off the real human life track.   They forget about their role as a human being in the "
Human Project".   They become lost and confused and they miss the precious, beautiful, and productive life that they could have as an human "Infants".

They work very hard and spend a lot of energy to gather as much wealth as possible in this very short time.   Even though they know th
at after they die, they have to leave all those belongings and wealth behind.

As famous Persian Poet " Ferdowsi" said:

خردمند رنج اندر کی برد        که بگذارد آنجای و خود بگذرد

"A wise man would never suffer to collect all the fortune in the world when he knows that at the time of death he will leave it all behind."

Of course we are on the wrong road and we find ourselves lost and unhappy.    

As a simple example; some people have more than 100 cars, 100 buildings and so on…
But, they are still lost and un-happy.

Some of us after having everything that we wish to have, we continue to pursue our happiness in narcotic drugs.

In brief, no matter how much we add to our material belongings, we will never feel and find peace and harmony in our lives.

Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being wealthy.  Unless, the wealth make us neglect our real role, task and mission in the
Human Project".

The only way we can expect to feel and touch peace and harmony, is when we seriously and effectively perform our role as a human "
Infants" and respect  “PE's Design".    Then, peace and harmony would be our reward.

Remember, it is all about team work.

The "
Human Project" shall succeed faster if all the parties involved perform their roles well.

If you have a healthy brain, you will continue attending "
Human School" and ultimately finish the school.   

By being in the "
Human School", you touch peace and harmony and after graduation you will find genuine peace and harmony.

Now, you understand that the variable "
Time" for you as a human "Infants" will not stop at your death.

All you have to do is to try to behave like a human being in your own short time if you are looking for peace and harmony.

You should stay in the track of the human "
Infants" which was designed by “ PE”.

Now the Ball is in Your Court!

We hope you remove all the anti-human brain viruses from your brain and touch and taste your peace and harmony.

Your peace and harmony in your life is the "
PE" Reward.

Born: 2012- Rev: April 16, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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