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49- Good News!

Brain Virus

DV-15)     Good News!

People are continually complying with the specifications of the design of the " PE" and never stop building the "Human Project" and supporting  the human rights!

See below several photos during defending lovers rights at United Nation in NYC in March 2012.

Mrs. Vishta Farahani Granados, Esq.

Mr. Manouchehr Farahani (Bozorgmehr)

Bill of Rights !

The United Nations was founded in 1945 and today represents nearly every country in the world.  Since its inception, the United Nations has taken on some of the most challenging and admirable causes, including, world poverty and hunger, the environment, HIV/AIDS, war and arms control, universal education for children, gender equality, and human rights.  The United Nations, however, has not yet attempted to take on the enormous task of protecting and supporting lovers.  Yet, day after day, lovers suffer all around the world; from the smallest countries to the largest and most powerful.  
While, today, in the 21st century, we witness the most outstanding technological advances, when it comes to lovers, time has almost stood still.  Differences such as religion, economic status, race, and politics continue, as they have for centuries, to divide lovers and keep them apart.  At the same time, families are using these categories to force men, women, and even minor girls into unwanted marriages.  
When a Jewish mother does not allow her son to marry the Muslim woman that he loves and adores, lovers suffer.  When a black father does not permit his daughter to marry the white man she’s in love with, lovers suffer.  When a wealthy family insists that their daughter marry, not the less fortunate man she loves, but another wealthy person, lovers suffer.  When a Hispanic family forces their son to marry a Hispanic woman, instead of the Asian woman he loves, lovers suffer.  When a father prohibits his daughter from marrying outside of the family’s political circle, lovers suffer.      
We’ve also witnessed, for hundreds of years, the horrific violence that surrounds lovers…and there is no end in sight to their suffering.  Just in the last several years alone, we have seen a father in Pakistan who lethally electrocuted his 14 year old daughter for disobeying his marital orders; an Indian father in the United States who hired a hit man to murder his son’s African-American wife because she was not Indian; a husband in Afghanistan, who cut off his minor wife’s nose and ears because she tried to escape.  And the crimes go on and on.

We believe that the United Nations, among all her responsibilities, must accept the responsibility of supporting the rights of lovers.  Love is the greatest and most fantastic phenomenon.  Therefore, lovers should be protected since doing so helps protect the most amazing thing that exists in the world: love!  
It’s time for the United Nations to come forward and be the voice for lovers who want to be together.  It’s time for the United Nations to help stop the cruel and heinous acts of violence perpetrated against lovers.  It’s time for the United Nations to take action to prevent the enslavement of women and girls in forced marriages.
University of Mehrafarin has written and published this book to serve as a Deed   which delineates the rights of lovers.  We ask that the United Nations use this book as a basis to create laws and regulations to protect lovers around the world
We plan to ask the U.S. government and the governments of other nations to use this book to develop laws and regulations to protect lovers as well.
University of Mehrafarin is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to promoting, protecting, and supporting human needs; the highest of those being love.  We need your help to continue writing and publishing our books.  It is our hope that one day, with your help, every person, in every nation, has a copy of this book and that there will finally be a set of laws specific to the protection of lovers of the world!
Very truly yours,

Mike Farahani, M.S., P.E.
University of Mehrafarin, Inc.

Cc: Files.

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