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47- Human Error

Brain Virus

Human "infants" Errors!

If any human "infants" does not try to behave like a human being, or keep making errors, without any hesitation, her/his "Brain System" is infected by the anti-human viruses.

The 1st person who is really suffering of the viruses is the infected or the ill one.

Her/his non-human behavior is just the way she/he crying and calling for help.

Therefore, we require to help our sick classmates instead of punishing them.

With all said, unfortunately, we all still experiencing over and over the mistakes that some of our fellow classmates have already mde sooner.     

We  even experience recurrence and repetition of the same earlier mistakes all over again.  

The "
Learning Process" is a part of the "General Conditions" of the "Human Project" design and construction.

Until we, as humans "
infants" graduate from the "Human School", we have to be alert that some of our fellow classmates will continue making mistakes over and over.

One thing that we should always remind ourselves of  is that, we should be patient and we should tolerate our fellow classmates errors.

We, as human "
infants", are responsible to help and support our fellow classmates, so we can all finish the " Human School" together.

The conditions and provisions of the human "
infants" errors have already been estimated and provisioned in the "Special Conditions" of the " Human Project" design and construction.

We should focus and concentrate on the roles that have been assigned to us as the human "

We have to try to understand and follow the requirements of the specifications, blue prints, general and special conditions,  and related documents of the
"Human Project" design,  as it was designed by the"PE".

In order to develop the "
Human Project" faster, and economically  we have to keep our powerful "Brain Systems" healthy.

We should not worry about our errors and mistakes as long as we learn from them and we do not repeat them again.

The Architect, the "
PE"  has anticipated, calculated, and provisioned the humans "Infants" errors and  mistakes in the "General and Special Conditions" of the "Human Project" design.
Again, to our dismay, the human "
Infants" errors and mistakes have indirectly been helping us developing the " Human Project".

As Persians Say:  

یک دیوانه سنگی در چاه میاندازد که صد عاقل نمیتوانند انرا دربیاورند

In 1979 President of USA, Mr. Jimmy Carter, with intention of supporting humans rights and building the  "
Human Project",  helped Ayatollah Khomeini against Late Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

The medicine that Mr. Carter prescribed unfortunately did not support the humans rights in Iran.

The people in Iran, our fellow classnates lost their rights and dignities, and a lot of them left the home country.

Mr. Carter: What you did was a perfect example of one the  terrible human

Was Mr. Carter aware of the harmful side effect of his medication or not?

Mr. Carter medicine harmfully affect the whole area and now the entire world is sick and is suffering.

When one human "
Infants" gets hurt the rest of the humans "Infants" shall suffer as well.

As famous Persian writer and Poet Saadi Said:

بنی ادم اعضای یک پیکرند        که در افرینش ز یک پیکرند
چو عضوی بدرد اورد روزگار        دگر عضوها را نماند قرار
تو کز محنت دیگران بیغمی       نشاید که نامت بود آ

Dose Mr. Jimmy Carter admits to his mistake?

Mr. Jimmy Carter:  if you are merely regretful of your error does not alleviate.   As they say; do not cry over dead horse or spilled milk.

The "
IOMT" expects that if Mr. Jimmy Carter has learned about damaging side effects of his medication and how much trouble he has caused to human "Infants", he should try to think like humans beings and take right action to make up for his misjudgment.   

This is all we as human "
Infants" can expect from another human "Infants" and our fellow classmates, when they make human errors.

Remember, Iran, the land of The  
Cyrus the Great, the land of human rights, is now a land of terror.   

Every body should try hard to become a good student of the "Human School".

Mr. President, Jimmy Carter,  Please open your heart and show your grief and remorse of what you did to Iran, to your classmates,  and how much you caused delays on " Human Project" progress!

Please remember you cannot give Iranian and your fellow classmates back what you took from them, but your understanding and being remorseful will help to heal your classmates and Iranian wounds and make up for "
Human Project" delays!

Please Do It !

It is true that no one is happy with what Mr. Jimmy Carter did.
But, we hope no one will repeat the same mistake again.

In reality and as per specicifications of the "Human Project" design, the provisions of possible  human "Infants" errors have been estimated, calculated and integrated in the " Special Conditions".

As per "
IOMT" the apparent negative or unpleasant incidents,  due to complexity poweful nature of the "PE" design, are also contributing to develop the " Human Project".

But, unfortunately, we "Infants"have to bear a heavy cost and suffer a lot, and waste a great deal of living energies as human "Infants".

How much required living energy is estimated in the plan and scheduling for building and completing the " Human Project"  by the Architect of the record the “PE”?

It is a fact that no project of any kind or any type can properly be designed without a particulr plan and schedual.

It is also understandable that each progress plan and schedule must be revised according to the variable "
Time" and "Place".

As per "
IOMT" the answers to these two questions above, of the "amount of living energy" and "plan and scheduling" are subject to the further future discovery.

Do you feel that you are missing some thing?


That is the way the "
Human Project" has been designed.

Born:2012-Rev:April 20, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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