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44- Record for Future Generation

Brain Virus

Record For the Future Generation!  

The present ERA that we are in it, is one of those periods in the lives of human beings,  that makes you feel embarrassed and humiliated to be a human being.  People with "Brain Systems" viruses and ill minds are inserting anti-human viruses into people- into their own fellow classmates- "Brain Systems" without any shame and remorse.

At the same time, it seems that a great number of  people are, themselves, desiring to receive "
Brain System" viruses.

It seems that people themselves have the desire to accept mistreatment and punishment.

It seems that people themselves have the desire to downgrade their human values.

It seems the atmosphere in all over the world is sick and contaminated.    It seems that the world leaders have lost their heads and are pushing the world to darkness and depressing.

It seems like today's advanced technology that moves data and information faster and faster, has put pressure on world leaders to be more rigid and to tighten their grip and control on their peolpe- their fellow classmates- and further repress and depress them.

It seems they do not see their terrible errors.
They cruelly talk about their shameful actions in the air.

It seems that their panic of their own survival have made them so paranoid that they are prepared to risk the fate of humanity and their
responsibilities as members of the
human being species.

It seems the "
Brain Systems" of certain people are overloaded and oversaturated with new data causing their "Brain Systems" to malfunction.

What do you think?
Are we watching the world's suicide?   
Are they so arrogant and blind that they ignore the original purposes of being the human species?

Is the level of infection by "
Brain Systems" Viruses so profound that their "Brain Systems" are completely deteriorated?

they have made the water so muddy that they themselves cannot catch the fish.
Particularly in Iran.
The Land of the Cyrus the Great Father of world Freedom.
 The land of human rights.
The land of freedom of thoughts.  
The land of freedom seekers.  
The land of free religions.
The land for all nations.   
The land of pioneers.  
The land of Ferdowsi, Saadi, Hafiz, and Khayyam.

The land that presented the human rights charter to the world more than 2500 years ago.

The land of kindness, honesty, and educated and talented human species.   

The land that never used their fellow classmates as slaves.

The land that gave the whole world so many gifts not only in technology and science, but also the
humanitarian gifts of kindness, honesty, compassion, and civilization.  These gifts benefitted and changed the whole world of humanity.

But the country that gave us all of these lovely gifts is deteriorating.  Hopefully, we can help save Iran because it would be a shame to let this country that has so much potential for such beauty dissolve into darkness.  Just like the world can be saved so can the beauty of Iran.   We cannot let Iran rot  away as it is, when it can be the source of wonderful growth for the rest of the world.

But, there is good news.  

As per "
IOMT" those entire human "characteristic- DNA", from father-land Iran, has been transferred to Americans, in her daughter- land the USA.

Therefore, we have  hope that the children of USA or grandchildren of Iran shall ultimately remove the viruses of those leaders' "
Bain Systems"
and direct the leaders to the proper human beings path.   
The children
shall direct the classmates to continue to study and complete all courses in the "Human School".   

Lessons and Warnings for New Generation!


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