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Brain Virus

) !

We all can overcome, solve the problems, and conquer the challenges if we all stay together.

We all as classmates together can overcome and defeat all the existing obstructions and confront all the tests and experiments in our way of going to the "
Human School".

We need to sharper focus on our role as a human being; otherwise we waste all our given living energies.

We need to realize that, we all are humans and we have the same roles, tasks, and missions.

We should not let the emotions, feelings, sensations, and hunches pull us away from our real roles, tasks, and missions as the Human Beings.

All feelings, emotions, sensations, hunches and compassions are the part of “
Human Project”.  They are included in the “Human Project” specifications and blue print, to provide encouragement, stimulations, motivations, incentives, and inspiration for us to complete the “Human Project”.   Therefore, we have to understand their affects, functions and their roles.     By understanding their roles and their applications, we shall only make them a part of our lives to the extent of their designed applications.    They have to be always controlled not to exceed their applications and limits.

Their functions are almost the same as the catalyst in the chemical reaction in the science of chemistry.

Our principle designed roles, tasks, and missions are that we keep studying and learning by going to the "
Human School" and graduating from it.

We do need to get it!

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