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Brain Virus


Every body as a human being and as a classmate should understand that any violations amoung themselves shall keep
them back from the main goals which
is graduating from the

"Human School".

به توانترها و ضعیفترها:                                                                                                                                                                                                               
         شماها همتان از جنس انسان هستید و نباید در میان خودتان مشکلاتی ایجاد کنید ک انرژی زندگی که
باید در ادامه درس خواندن در مدرسه انسان و دریافت   پایان نامه بکار گرفته شود بیخودی بهدر رود.

You all as human beings should understand that any conflict amoung yourselvs                                           
shall keep you all away from your main goals which is graduating from "
Human School".

The "
PE" in designing the human's project, has assigned the most difficult role, task, and mission to us.

In order to successfully perform our roles and complete the "
Human Project", we have to study and work together.

The biggest human error is fighting amoung themselves, and wasting living energies.

We need to relax and think !

Are You?

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