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42- (q)

Brain Virus

(q) !

Every body as a human being and as a classmate should know that any wrong doing (non- human act) soon or late will come back
to hunt us.

Remember, we have been created and designed as Humans

We have been given a role, task and mission as Humans

The most difficult role has been assigned to us.

That is the reason, we have been given brains

Your role as a human being shall become easier, if you use your brain.

As the
famous Persian Poet " Ferdowsi" said:

کسی کو خرد را ندارد ز پیش           دلش گردد از کردۀ خویش ریش

As Hafiz, The Persian Poet said:

کار بد مصلحت آن است که هرگز نکنید!

Can You?

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