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42- (n)

Brain Virus

(n) !

Powerful and stronger ones should have patients, understanding and love toawrd the Weaker ones.

GOD" in her design of Human's Project, has been specifying a special role, task and mission according to her or his talent.

Everybody has been born with a specific talent.

We all as human beings and classmates should support and enhance, expand, and develop each other talents.

We have to trust in “
PE” and accept her design of the Human Project.

We have to believe that “
PE” is the Designer, Architect, and Creator of the Mankind.

We should not trust in “
PE” and accept her as a Designer, Architect and Creator of the “Human’s Project” with closed eyes, thoughtlessly, and uncritically.

No one should blindly accept my “image of thoughts”.

"PE" admire and loves more,those who challege her.

Those who are afraid of "
PE" and surrender themselves without contesting should
know that, the challenges are a part of "
PE's Design".

As per “
PE’s Design”, we shall ultimately utilize all the talents and we all shall touch the human happiness.

Remember, if we use our brains, happiness will come faster.

Keep Your Chin Up!

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