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42- (l)

Brain Virus

(i) !

No body as a human being and as a classmate should in their interactions uses violences at all.
You never use violence when you feel any injustice, inequality, and prejudice on side of your stronger classmate, but appeal, respect, and plead.

You have to calm the situation down and make sure they recognize that, you are not their enemy and you are not going to invade and assault their lives.   After that you can easily invite them to listen to you and cooperate with you.  

Remember, this challenge is also a part of “
PE’s Design”.

It has been purposely included in the design of “
Human Project”.  

We have to experience all these challenges in the "
Human School”.

As the famous Persian Poet "Ferdowsi" said:

دلاور که نندیشد
از پیل و شیر          تو دیوانه خوانش مخوانش دلیر

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