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41- Globe Peace 's Sub- Courses

Brain Virus

Globe Peace's Sub-Courses !

BV-19-2-b) The coarse of Globe's Peace  is such a complicated and confusing coarse that it is required to be divided to the follwing sub-coarses:

        1) What are human beings as species?

            The nature of this course is to learn about human being species.

        2) Respect and accept our differences.

             The nature of this course is to understand the beauty of diversities.

      3) Competitiveness

            The nature of this course is to learn to compete positively and constructively….

      4) Love

Love is the most beautiful and magnificent incentive that "PE" had included in her "Human Design", so we as human beings perform our role in a romantic and enjoyable air.
          The nature of this course is to learn that the love is an incentiv and we need to undestand, comprehend, observe, and appreciate its value.

As Persian Famous Poet "Hafiz" said:

که عشق آسان نمود اول ولی افتاد مشکل ها

      5) Fear

          The nature of this course is to learn how to understand, and ontrol our
Feeling of the fear is a part of specifications of the "Human
Project" that had been designed by "PE".   Fear is healthy and had been included in the design to protect us.
It is unhealthy when, we lose the control of it and it become a panic.

      6) Iteractions     
روابت انسانها:
این درس بما میاموزد که چگونه کسانی که تواناترند در کنار انهاییکه توانایی کمتری دارند با ارامش و دوستانه زندگی کنند           
          The nature of this course is to learn how to manage a positive, creative, healthy relationship between people (classmates).

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