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3A- Power of Discovering and Creating.

Brain Virus

Power of Discovering and Creating!

People as human "infant" are given "Brain System", which has the potential of  growing by the passing the variable "Time".  
In addition to its  "
Growing Power", the healthy "Brain System" has the quality and ability to create and discover.

Schools in general aspect, are created to teach people of verities subjects.   Graduated people from schools shall provide services to the society.  This way the structure of the societies build itselves.

On the other hand, the healthy "
Brain System" power develops while the human "infants" remain and continue their study in the  "Human School".

The "
Human School" is the ultimate school for the human "infants".    We do not dispute the need for the schools which have been created by people, but, we have to realize that those schools are in actuality molded in and they are in the belly of the  "Human School".

If the "
Brain Systens" are not tempered and do not have any anti-humans viruses, shall continue its healthy life.
Our healthy "
Brain System" shall continue developing their discoveries and creating powers, while we go to the  "Human School".

We will finally build and complete the " Human Project" design.

Keep Your "
Brain System" Healthy !

Born:2012- Rev: June 14, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

Growing of the Brain System:

After that the baby is born, the body and brain system of the baby began to grow as per rules and regulations in nature and as per specifications and documents of the "Human Project".
During this time the baby is facing a lot of challenges in nature.  Such as find the food, water, finding protections against natural disaster, germs and deseases, and so on.  These challenges exist and they are anticipated and provisioned in the specifications of the "
Human Project".   These challenges make us grow and inteligent.   We have to stay healthy in order to deal with all this natural challenges.
But, I belive that only these natural challenges are not sufficient enough for our "
Brain Systems" to fully grow.  Therefore, in specifications, blue prints, and related documents of the "Human Project", additional kind of challenges exist which pertain to the world of humnas "infants" and do not exist in nature.

Our "
Brain Systems" get much more excersising and grow much more faster by encountering these challenge.

I name and call this challenges the human "infants" errors.

As per "
IOMT" several times before, we as human "infants" or as classmates, will gradute from the "Human School" all together or none of us will.

One of the biggest human "
infants" errors is contamination each other "Brain Systems".  It is very obvious and clear that in order to grow and deal with natural challenges and to perform our roles and tasks and missions as human "infants", we need to have healthy bodies and healthy "Brain Systems".  

If you notice, things are getting very complicated and mysterious.   It is like the
catch 22. In one hand the human "infants" errors are helping our brains to grow and on the other hand the error of contaminating "Brain Systems"  make us waste a great deal of living energies to remove these anti-human viruses.    

Yes, you are right to be confused and lost.

The idea of "
Human Project" and how this project have been designed by "PE" is beyond our imaginations and is out of circle and space of our thoughts for now.

Let us look this example:

A designers or construction architets can easily design a building with certain size, heights, floors and rooms.   

But, for the architets or construction designers is impossible to design a building with unlimited rooms and floors.

We or the archites are not able to conceive such a building.  

Therefore, the system and the quality that the "
Human Project" has been designed is also out of the space of our thoughts and undestanding for now.  

That is why we see it that as a "
Catch 22".

Of course, when we contaminate the "
Brain system" of our classmates, we waste a great deal ,of living energies. But, in return, our "Brain System" get exersising by realizing our errors and correcting them.

Isn's that amazing and misterious how the "
Human Project" have been designed?  

That's why "IOMT" calls our designer, architect, and creator the most inteligent desiner that could have been existed.

According to the "
IOMT" the "PE" has put a part of herself into our body, therefore, we shall ultimately over come all the challenges.

Why the humans "
infants" make suh a terrible misake by contaminating the other humans "infants" "Brain System"?

Do you see how the "PE" system is working?

If you do not see it now, be patient it will come to you.

Remember, one of the principal of  the design of the " Human Project" is based on the "Learning Process".

Remember, there is no one else to help us to grow, but ourselves.

Never think that the "IOMT"  has the answer to all the questions and can justify all the existing challenges now.   

is still an infant!

Born:2012-Rev: June 14, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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