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39- Individual's Survival Course

Brain Virus

Individual's Survival Course !

BV-19-2-a)  Individual’s Survival Course:  This is the 1st step toward the path of “Human Way” of
                    living.  This is the simplest and easiest course.  This is the most important and valuable
                    course.   There is no word can explain the significant of this course.  Therefore, and as "
                    recommends that do not think, talk and view about any other courses before you complete and pass this fantastic and vital course.

BV-19-2-a-1) Nature of this course: Protection, Preservation and shielding your body, and your "
Brain Systems" as below:

BV-19-2-a-1-1)  Feed your body with healthy and nutrition’s foods.  Some foods act like a shield,
                          protecting our bodies from harmful ammunition. These foods have special compounds
                          which are called antioxidants. We can get antioxidants from eating mostly plants and
                          some animal sources. The harmful  ammunition is called free radicals. Free radicals are created in our body from pollution/tobacco, radiation, and other environmental stressors.
These nasty free radicals damage cells which could lead to chronic diseases
                          like cancer and heart disease. (adapted definition from NIH)

BV-19-2-a-1-2)    Feed your brain with lovely, delightful, pleasing, and exquisit views, news, and touches.
                           The brain gives us movement, breath, being, motivation, inspiration and, most of all, hope.
But it is one of the most neglected systems of the human "
Infants"organism. We feed our bodies, but many times we starve our brains. (by Renee Greene tempered by MJF)

BV-19-2-a-1-3) Feed your brains with optimistic, positives, constructive, encouraging. dynamics, and productive views and beliefs.  Feed your brains with words, images, ideas and information consistent with your goals. Read books and watch biographies about other successful people – imagine yourself becoming like them. Continually feed your mind with images of the kind of people you most respect and admire and want to be like.
It is always difficult to get started on a diet and to break the patterns that are so deeply embedded from years of programming. It is equally difficult to sidestep the overwhelming negative thinking in society at large. As you get started on your mental diet, don’t be discouraged and don’t beat yourself up if you slip back into your old habits. Just keep at it and before you know it you will see concrete signs of the new you.
                          (By Devon Harris- tempered with MJF))

BV-19-2-a-1-4)  Program your "
Brain System" (CPU) with those programs that make you optomistic, nice, kind, calm, peaceful,, relax, polite, friendly, pleasant, lovely, and wonderful person.

                                       هرچه هست از قامت ناساز بی اندام ماست            ورنه تشریف تو بر بالای کس کوتا نیست                                   

چو پژمرده شد روی  رنگین تو       نگردد کسی گرد بالین تو

ندانم های بسیار است لیکن من نمیدانم                                                                        
که خوردم از دهان بندی در این دریا کفی افیون


سالها  تو سنگ بودی دلخراش       ازمون را  یک زمانی  خاک باش
                                         بهاران کی شود سر سبز سنگ           خاک شو تا گل براید رنگرنگ
مولوی) "

گفت دانایی که: گرگی خیره سر
هست پنهان در نهاد هربشر
لاجرم جاری ست پیکاری سثرگ
روز و شب، مابین این انسان و گرگ
زور و بازو چاره این گرگ نیست
صاحب اندیشه داند چاره چیست
هر که گرگش را در اندازد به خاک
رفته رفته می شود انسان پاک
و ان که از گرگش خورد هردم شکست
گر چه انسان می نماید، گرگ هست
و ان که با گرگش مدارا میکند ،
خلقو خوی گرگ پیدا میکند
مرمان گر یکدیگر را میدرند
گرگ هاشان رهنما و رهبرند
این که انسان هست این سان دردمند
گرگها فرمانروایی میکنند،
و ان ستمکاران که با هم محرم اند
گرگ هاشان اشنایان هم اند
گرگ ها همراه و انسانها غریب
با که باید گفت این حال عجیب ؟
فریدون مشیری

Born:2012-Rev:April 23, 2015-New York- Bozorgmehr

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