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36- You are not a fool!

Brain Virus

You Are Not A Fool !

No one wishes to be a fool!
No one desires to be a fool!
No one deserves to be a fool!
No one demands to be a fool!
No one should be treated as a fool!


You are not a fool!

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Regardless of what Mr. Abraham Lincoln, the president of USA, said above, in the "
Human Project", no one is a fool.

Learning about our values as human "
Infants" and the significant of our roles, tasks, and missions, in the “Human Project”  is a subject which, we shall study in the "Human School".

As we mentioned before, we as human "
Infants" and classmates, are designed to study, learn and graduate from the "Human School" all together.      We as human race are to put all our positive energies to complete all courses and graduate from the "Human School".

Fortunately, It has been projected by the designer "
PE"  that
in developing the "
Human Project", we shall encounter by some of our classmates who are infected with the brain viruses in the air.    

It is also a part of learning that, we should tolerate our infected classmates and patiently assist them in the study and learning and graduating from the "
Human School".

You should know that, we as human "
Infants" are very powerful, complicated, mysterious, delicated and fragiled creatures.

It is our "Brain Systems" that make us powerful.

It is the power of our "
Brain System" that give us the capabilities to study, learn and graduate from the "Human School".  

The variable time dimension has no effect on cat or any other animals.  They almost have the same type of lives forever.   

In here the "
IOMT" is not going to get into all the details of "Bain System" capabilities.   The "IOMT" believes you all, to some extent, are aware of them.

One thing that all of us should be aware of, is that in developing the "
Human Project", we have to work very hard to overcome a lot of  challenges.  

Here is the challenge involving our "
Brain Systems".  Our "Brain System" look like the processing unit of a computer.   The output depends on the input.  Please try to understand this topic.   

This topic is very critical and serious.

If you don’t try to understand this topic, you shall suffer a lot in your studying, learning and graduating from the "Human School".  Remember, it is no ones faults if you don’t pay attention to this topic.

Our "
Brain Systems" such as CPU of a computer are programmable.  Do you understand what I mean “by Programmable”?

The reason that the "
IOMT" emphasizes in your understanding of this topic, is that almost a good percentage of your responsibilities and task as a human "Infants" shall be Established, Cleared, and Resolved.

You shall gain and reach a good percentage of your peace and harmony in your life in shape of awards and treats by "

You shall not complain and be offended in your life, as much as, you have been making and being prior, to understand this topic.

Now the "
IOMT" trusts that you understand that your "Brain System" can be programmed like a computer.

Now the "
IOMT" is sure that you understand and realize that your output such as talking, thinking, and behavior are as a result of your "Brain System" input or on the other words it depend on your "Brain System" programs.

What do you do if you have a bad program or defected program in your computer because of a virus?

You try to remove the virus.  Or in the worse scenario reformat your hard drive.

What about you as a human "Infants" who has a bad program or defected program in your "Brain System"

Unfortunately, the solution for restoring the human "
Infants" Brain System" is not as easy as the computers, but it is not impossible.  

The main problem and setback is that we as a human "Infants" are very inflexible and we are not willing to recognize, accept and acknowledge our deficiencies.  This is one of those tough challenges in the  "
Human Project".

As " the "
IOMT" has mentioned many times, life is a learning process.  This means that if we continue going to the "Human School", and enhance our learning,  we as human "Infants" shall finally be able to undestand and accept our deficiencies.  

Of course after that we acknowledge our problems; we have to be hospitalized for rehabilitation and restoration.  This recovery is not as easy as was for the computers.

We as healthy human "Infants" are not going to fool our fellow classmates or insert anti-human "Infants" virus into our classmates "
Brain Systems".  Again, this is another challenge in the "Human Project".   While we  continue our studies and learning in the Human School, we should provide rehabilitations and restorations for those infected classmates.

We should know that, fooling our classmates or inserting viruses into our "
Brain Systems" of our fellow classmates are not beneficial to all of us and  it would ultimately causes damages to all of us, as human "Infants", and delaying our graduations.

Please during spending your time, in the "
Human School", conduct a thorough study and investigation, before you expose yourself to any program, in any shape of kind of beliefs, thoughts, faiths, and so on…

Good Luck with your learning in the "Human School" !

Born:2012-Rev:April 23, 2015-New York- Bozorgmehr

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