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34- Strange Method of Supporting Human Beings?

Brain Virus

Strange Method of Supporting the Human "Infants"?

BV-15)     A question for those who wash, contaminate, insert viruses into people brains?

BV-15-1) The "IOMT would like to believe that you as a human "Infants" are also trying to protect and defend the human rights and freedom of thoughts.

BV-15-2)  The "
IOMT" has hard time to comprehend your system and method of defending human rights and freedom of thoughts.  

BV-15-3)  Is your method like “
Reverse Psychology” ?

BV-15-4)  If your answer is yes, please tell the "
IOMT" more about your system, so the "IOMT" can also understand.

Born:2012-Rev:April 23, 2015-NMew York-Bozorgmehr

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