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32- Which Grade of "Human School" are we?

Brain Virus

Which grade are we as students of "
Human School"?

Are you concerned and interested to know your school grade in the
Human School"?

The term of the "
Human School" was outlined as "infinite" when the "Human' School" was classified earlier.

It was also defined that all the human "Infants", as students, will graduate from the "
Human School" at the same time.

Born: 2012-Rev:April 23, 2015-New York- Bozorgmehr


In order for all of us, as human "Infants", to graduate at the same time, we need to become much more intimate and friendly.  We have to get so close with each other that, each of us may represent the other one as a human "Infants".

By looking at these two pictures as illustrations, and thousand others, and observing the dissimilarities, we have estimated that we have completed possibly the 1/1000,000 of school term.

Please look at these two pictures.  Please pay attention to the depth of dissimilarity and discrimination.      

We, as human "Infants", supposedly are from same species!      

Are we?

Born: 2012-Rev:April 23, 2015-New York- Bozorgmehr

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