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31- Happiness-1

Brain Virus



Where are you looking for the happiness?

What do you think the happiness is?

There are many definitions for happiness out there.

In the human "Infants" system the happiness has its own definition.

First of all you have to have a healthy brain.    Secondly, you have to continue studying in the" Human School".   Third, you have to safe guard your brain against anti-human "Infants" viruses.

Remember, when we talk about healthy brain, we mean a human "Infants" brain without anti-human "Infants" brain viruses.

Again, inserting anti-human "Infants" brain virus into our classmates’ brains is one of biggest human "Infants" errors.   This is the biggest challenge that we are facing in our studying in the "Human School".

If your brain is happy, then you have touched the happiness.

Your happiness will grow with you while you study in the "Human School".

You will reach the ultimate human "Infants" happiness when you get close to graduation.

It is your "Brain System" that shall be happy, not other part of your body such as heart.  Heart is only a symbolic.  

The rest of your body members besides your brain become animally satisfy not human "Infants"wise.

Having good food, or having good sex, or having a beautiful car, may comfort you, but they never bring you a human "Infants" happiness.

I am sure that all of you have experienced of certain achievements and accomplishments in your lives.    I am sure that you never felt or found genuine human "Infants" happiness.

You can only touch the happiness when you try to live like a human and continue learning in the "Human School".    Life is a learning process, and a part of  that is learning to touch the happiness.

As I said before, for everything you wish to gain you have to work hard.  

No pain no gain!

As Persian Poet Said:

ترسم کز این چمن نبری آستین گل        کز گل بنش تحمل خواری نمیکنی

The pleasure of happiness would not come to you, unless you make an effort to understand it 1st and then continue live your life on human path.

You must learn that you have to reach the human level before you touch the pleasure of happiness.

Unfortunately, we as human "Infants" are very impatient and because of that, we always chose the short cuts and easy ways out.     We just want to see a few feet ahead of ourselves and we also consenting making fool of ourselves by enduring the same error over and over again.

We want to be happy, but we do not know how?

Going to the "Human School", and keep learning the challenging courses, needs a solid commitment.  

Again, that is the way the "Human Project" is designed.   All human "Infants" do not have the same capabilities and talents.

Here is again, you as a human "Infants" are given different capabilities.  You also must face all kind of different challenges.   It depends on your luck, either you touch the human path and stay in the "Human School" or fall behind.  If you fall behind, it would take you longer times to touch the human way.  

Remember, until you haven’t touched the human way, you shall not touch the human happiness.

Remember, Happines is the " PE's Reward".

Now, the ball is in your court, either chose a human way, touch the pleasure of happiness and continue your learning in the "Human School", or keep making error and yield your life and your classmates lives miserable.

Good Luck to Earn Your Happiness!

Born:2012-Rev:April 22, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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