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30- Shortest Distance

Brain Virus

Shortest Distance !

BV-18) The shortest physical distance between two point of “A” and “B” is a straight line.
This is one of the mathematical principals.

(A) X__________________________________________________________X(B)

Are people capable to travel between their home (Beginning point) and their destination (End point) on a straight route

Almost impossible!!!     

There are so many obstructions and barricades.    Some of them are natural made and some of them are man-made.   Natural made:  such as mountains, rivers, and so on…

Man-made: Such as rules and regulations, borders, walls, and so on…

The natural-made and the man-made obstructions and barricades are all the production of the same mother.   Let us for time being we call the said mother the “
PE ” .     So, the “PE ” has created certain obstructions in our straight route of “A” to “B”.  We, with same mother as the " PE", has been inventing and providing different type of obstructions and barricades in our straight lifelines ourseves.

Therefore, we and nature are both the product of the “

So for this reason, we should not blame on ourselves, neither for natural-made obstructions nor for man-made obstructions.

"As it was said by “French Philosopher, Nouch Herj in 1947, we should search and look for unknowns and reasonings of all existance in the
PE" not into man-made " Allah".   

Look up into "
Allah" for answers is a wrong approach and misleading.

صیاد ازل که دانه  در دام نهاد                                                                      
صیدی بگرفت و  آ
دمش نام نهاد                                                   
هر خوب و بدئ که میرود در عالم                                                                 
او میکند وبهانه بر عام نهاد                                                        
Is God speaking.
Why not be polite and
Listen to

بیا تا گل برافشانیم و می در ساغر اندازیم            فلک را سقف بشکافیم و طرحی نو دراندازیم            


            ازویست شادی ازویست زور         خداوند ناهید و بهرام وهور                                
خداوند هست و خداوند نیست          همه بندگانیم و ایزد یکیست               

اگر با تو گردون نشیند به راز                نیابی هم از گردش او جواز
همو تاجو تخت و بلندی دهد                  همو تیرگی و نژندی دهد
به دشمن همی ماند و هم به دوست          از و مغز یابی گهی  گاه پوست
که گیتی یکی نغز بازیگرست           که هر دم ورا بازیی دیگرست
نگر تا نبندی دل اندر جهان               نباشی بدو ایمن اندر نهان
سرت گر بساید بر ابر سیاه          سر انجام خاکست ازو جایگاه
را ز ماهی به ماه اورد                  یکی را ز مه زیر چاه اورد

In traffic engineetring,  traveling on a straight road, is boring and tiring.   In the " Human Project" also it seems that traveling on straight line is not exciting or requires a special permit.

Since we were created as human "
Infants", let us designate the point “A” as birth and the point “B” as death.   Let us define the shortest distance between birth and death as the " Human Way".   

Again, you also notice that there are two different obstructions and barricades in the "Human Way" as well.    These obstructions and barricades do not permit the people to take the shortest way of the “Human Way”.

"Human Properties" and "Human Specifications": Those human characteristics that are included in the specification of the " Human Project" by the "PE".   They work such a catalyzers to provide incentives for people to build and complete the "Human Project".

Unfortunately they are misused.   Such as greediness, jealousy, selfishness, and so on.

"Infants"-made: Such as human "Infants" errors including but not limited to brain contaminating, brain washing, inserting brain virus in people brains, immature and undeveloped politics and so on…

Again, the both  obstructions and barricades (1 and 2), in the " Human Way", have the same mother as the obstructions and barricades in our physical traveling between Point “ A “ and point “ B “  had.

This mother is the same mother who we named it the
“PE” in our previous discussion.

Therefore, the reason that we have trouble to find the “
Human Way” between our birth and death is the “PE”.    The "PE" is the reason that we feel lost, confused, happy, unhappy and angry, satisfied, unsatisfied, healthy, unhealthy, weak, strong, love, hate, hungry and greedy, curios, scared, brave, and so on…

Soon we accept these facts and surround ourselves to the "
PE"; we will find peace and harmony in our lives.

I guess, it is not easy to digest and understand the subject of discussion.   We can make it simpler for ourselves, if we try to learning, accepting and respecting it, instead of fighting it, guessing and predicting or just blindly following others beliefs.     

The point that here the "
IOMT" is trying to make is that; you, yourself is the only one can pull you out of these misery of confusion and bring back peace into your life.

In order to achieve peace in our lives, the "
IOMT" suggests to sit back and relax and disconnect ourself from all strings and let our mind freely flies.  

The "
IOMT" also suggest that we put the subject of the "PE” which is very complicated on  aside and focus on ourselves for now.  

Who are we?  Are we called human "
Infants"?   What separate us from other live creatures?  What are the differences between us and the animals and the plants?  

Partial answer to these questions is that the “
PE" gave the humans "Infants" functional "Brain Systems".

It seems that the “
PE” has planned to transfer all her abilities and power to human "Infants".

Unfortunately, this transformation is not easy and required a great deal of teaching by the “
PE” and learning by us.

That is the reason why animals have already found the “
Animal Way” of living and also plants have found the “Plants Way” of the living, except human "Infants".

The lenght of the time period for teaching and learning is endless and is not a short time such as human "
Infants"-made schools which reuire several years to get a diploma.     

Courses are not as easy as courses in a man-made schools.

The quantities and number of courses are unlimited.

The qualities and nature of courses are the
"PEqualities and  the "PE" nature.

Please do not try to play the “
PE or try to represent the “PE, prior to completing all the courses and before graduating from the “Human School”.   

One of the major reasons that the whole world has been in trouble with wars, terrors, so on… is that certain people, either themselves or others claimed for them, such as Messangers Mohammad, Jesus, Moses, and so no… that, they have ben sent by the "
PEor they have claimed that they were the “PE 's Representative", before completing all the courses and graduating from the "Human school".  

Now, the "IOMT" believes that, you understand why we are struggling to find the “Human WAY” of the living.
We have to try hard and hard to complete the courses and move toward the graduation.

The "
IOMT" suggests that, before thinking of  taking any courses, we should trust in ourselves, that we, as human "Infants", and having the "Brain Systems" are capable to graduate from the “Human School".  

Are You Trying to Find the Human "Infants"Way?

Born:2012-Rev:April 22, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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