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29- Human School

Brain Virus

The Human School !

The System of "
Human School" is defined and displayed as below:

Address of the School:  

                          Class:                                                                            World

Duration of the Learning:   

                                    Professor /Professors:                                     PE

Quantities and Number of Courses:                    Infinite

           Quality and Nature of Courses:               PE's Qualities and PE’s Nature

                           Tuition                                                          Living Energy                                                

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Born:2012-Rev:May 4, 2015- New Yrork-Bozorgmehr

Please continue...

Trust me; it is not easy to play our roles as human "Infants".  The great designer “PE” knew that our role was not simple and easy.   That is the reason why there is not limited time to finish the "Human School." We have unlimited time for study, learning and graduating.   

We facing unlimited big and diversified challenges after we step in this world.  Because,  the “
PE” who has designed the  “Human Project” has anticipated, estimated, and calculated a great deal of tough and diversified challenges in our way.  These challenges prevent us to see and find our human "infants" path right in front of our eyes.  Even though, we have initially been born in the "Human School”, but the challelengess intend to take us out of the “Human School”and off the human "infants" path.  

Why is that?

The class is so big and material is so much and challenges are so poweful.  These challenges are not easy to undestand and deal with.  They are as confusing and mysterious as the “
PE” herself is.  The challenges do not have 2 or 3 dimensions, but unlimited dimensions.  Some of these challenges are estimated to be mysterious and complicated.  These challenges are tough and hard, so we have to use and exercise our "Brains Systems".

That is why we are given "Brian Systems".

As we know, nothing is free.  We are gifted to be created as human "
Infants", so hard working comes with the territory.

On the other hand, “
PE” has provided many rewards and treats for us to encourage us to work hard and live as human "Infants".
We should use our "
Brain Systems" in facing the challenges and going to the “ Human School” .  We should have control on our emotions and feelings.   Our emotions and feelings are not designed to face the challelenges or solve the problems.  
We should always remember the significance values of ourseves as the human "

This confusions will always  put us in non-human "
infants" paths.

The “PE” has included many rewards and treats for us for performing our roles as human "Infants".   Our problems are that we pay more attention to these rewards and treats than our real roles, tasks, and missions.  We have to realize that, we should not go after these rewards and treats, because they will eventually come to us when we perform our roles well.

We have to understand that these rewards and treats are designed for us after well performance of our roles as human "
Infants".   Otherwise, no matter how fast we go after rewards, we will never get them.  Therefore, we find ourselves lost and confused and puzzled.  Our confusion caused us to waste a lot of living energy and it also slow down the progress of the "Human Project".
The good news is that, no matter what, we shall ultimately graduate from the
"Human School", and the amazing “PE” will finally complete the design and construction of the "Human Project" by the human "Infants" hands.  

keep Your Eyes Open !

Born:2012-Rev:May 4, 2015-New York-Bozorgmehr

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