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28- Control the People

Brain Virus

Control The People!

Mr. Jimmy Carter, The Ex- President of USA, in one of his speech said that;" for controlling the people, we have to promote the religions in the world".

The "
IOMT" does not know what Mr. Carter was thinking and what fear he had from his own classmates.  The "IOMT" really does not have any idea what were the reasons for his thoughts.

Anyway, he should have had good reasons for himself to worry about his classmates (people).   

Here again, Mr. Jimmy Carter, as a human "
Infants", made the same mistake that other human "Infants" had made before him several times. We all know that they have honestly failed to foster the humanity.  

As per "
IOMT"  if the "Brain System “cannot freely function and it is tempered with unhealthy restraints and anti-human “Infants” viruses, the human "Infants" species are defected.

The defected human "
Infants" will malfunction or on the other words we cannot expect the defected human "Infants" try to behave like humans.  

We all as classmates were originally designed to represent the human "Infants"!

Exactly like a bird that was designed to fly.   When her wings are cut, she can not fly no more.  What do we rename a bird that cannot fly?

No matter what reasons that, Mr. Jimmy Carter had, the way he had handled himself was completely anti-human "
Infants" and without any doubt, he took a wrong path.

The "
IOMT" believes that we, in entire world, can not find any human "Infants", with healthy "Brian System", who would agree with Mr. Jimmy Carter solution.
So how come Mr. Jimmy Carter made such an error?    The best guess would be that, Mr. Jimmy Carter at that time, was a green human "

I remember that, my late father who I loved him dearly because he was a kind man and a very good human "
Infants", used to call Mr. Jimmy Carter a peanut man.   My father believed that Mr. Jimmy Carter was not a competent USA’s president in foreign policy.

Today, by looking at the situations in entire world, Mr. Jimmy Carter's error is clearly proven.

Mr. Jimmy Carter prescription had already been experienced before by others.  The way that the unsubstantiated and incomplete phenomenon of religions had been presented in the past, has not been Humankind successful.

None of the past or present unsubsantiated and incomplete thoughts or ideas or theories, about the “
Human Projects”,  in any shape and kind, such as religious shape, shall not be healthy and successful.

You can cut the birds wings and stop them of flying and somehow control them, but in reality and in human way that is a failure no success.  

All these trials and errors by all of us as classmates in "
Human School", are anticipated, conditioned, and provisioned in the specifications of the original design of the “ Human Project".        

We as human "
Infants", shall keep making a lot of mistakes until we complete all the courses in the "Human School" and graduate.    

These human "
Infants" errors have already been anticipated, conditioned, and calculated in the specifications of the " Human Project" design.
The heavy cost, associated with these errors, have also been estimated and calculated in the project budget.

The question is that how smooth and efficient are we willing to continue our study and learning in the "
Human School"?  This is why we have to be able to exercise and utilize the positve energy of our wonderful and powerful "Brain System".

I hope now, you all understand that why Mr. Jimmy Carter, Messenger Mohammad, and others were humanity incorrect.

No matter how testing, beautiful, strong, scientific, and so on an idea or thought looks like, if it put restraint on the "
Human Brains" and cut the thought's wings, is not healthy and humanity.

 If they had acknowledged that , their productions, were incomplete ones, not the finals, the improving and building the "
Human Project" would cost much less.

I am sure that you have been hearing, reading, and experiencing a lot of episodes and incident of slaughtering, torturing, suffering, punishing, abusing, and murdering against human "Infants" by some of our fellow classmates
with unhealthy "
Brain Systems".   

But, do not forget that a human "Infants" with healthy "Brain Systems" would never commit such horrifying and anti-human "Infants" crimes.  

Therefore, please stop making the same errors and misjudgement, and instead allow the "
Brain Systems"  of our classmates (people) to perform freely without any un-healthy restraints.

Good luck with your learning in the "
Human School".

توجه کنید به انچه که فردوسی میگوید:

درختی که تلخ آورد بار و برگ            نیرزد همی, زندگانیش مرگ
هر آنکس که دل بندد اندر جهان          هشیوار، خوانندش از ابلهان
خردمند رنج اندر آن کی برد          که بگذارد آنجای و خود بگذرد
فریدون شد و زو ره دین بماند          به ضحاک بدبخت نفرین بماند
برین کینه آرامش و خواب نیست          به مانند چشمم به جوی آب نیست
چو نیکی کنی نیکی آید برت          بدی را بدی باشد اندر خورت
چو کس نیست گفتن چه سود          از این پس بگو کآفرینش چه بود

Show Some Human "
Infants" Dignity !

Born:2012-Rev: April 27, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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