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26- Recycling!

Brain Virus


BV-7)  The Governments of certain countries, who have just been watching and possibly helping, the bad Governments, are forced to
          create new security departments to protect themselves from the Terrorists.  As you see, more business and work is created
          for people.  Therefore, even though at one end some people, human "Infants", suffer, at the other end, others are benefiting
          from finding new jobs.

What a sick plan

Another big human "Infants" error.

BV-7-1) As you see, the team work of both good and bad Governments, follows the Rule of Recycling.  

BV-7-2) Even though The Rule of recycling is to reduce and minimize the waste.  But, their Rule of recycling produces more
           waste and specially the waste of the most precious creature of human "Infants".

BV-7-3) Can anybody tell me what is missing or has not been mentioned in this type of Recycling?

BV-7-4) What is the catch?
BV-7)  Who are those people who enjoy inserting viruses into human "
Infants" "Brain System"?

BV--7-1) How did they get mentally that ill?

BV-7-2)  Is their illness curable?

BV-7-2-1) How have their "
Brain Systems" already been contaminated with Anti-Human "Infants"Viruses ?  


Born: 2012-Rev:April 22, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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