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23-Human Role-English

Brain Virus

Human’s Role!

Architecture and Engineering for Humanity!
“Architects and Engineers are incredible innovators and modernizers”

It is time to say goodbye to old immature, politically correct, and unsubstantiated thoughts, views and ideas about the humans and the creator.

It is 2015; you may need to flush your “
Brain Systems”.

Some of our fellow classmates mistakenly try to bulid a cage around the other classmates and isolate them and keep them out of work force, who are designing and building the "
Human Project".

This kind of errors, in reality, damaging and hurting both type of our fellow classmates as the human "Infants".

You may find yoursef in this kind of situations.
 You may get stuck and could not free yourself physically from the cage.
Firstly, try to advise your fellow classmates of their errors.  
Secondly, if your time is right and you really want, you can always have your  "
Brain System" perform and follow the rules and regulation of the "Human Project" ignoring the existing cage.

Those parts of the all the religions that are involved with the human rights and supporting the humanity, are actually helping and supporting the design and construction of the "Human Project".  
The only part which take advantage of the very hungry and open market and try to sell unreal, frictional, and illusory thoughts and ideas, is the one, which sabotage and harm the design and construction of
the "
Human Project".

Remember, some of our fellow classmates are not aware of their unspeakable value as the human "Infants" and they also do not pay attention to the unique roles, tasks, and mission as per pecifications, blue print and other project documents of the incredible design and construction of the "Human Project".     They ignore that they abilities and potentials are beyond the nature.  Unfortunately, they also dismiss the power and strength of the unique architect and creator "PE".  


Therefore, and in order to have peace and harmony in their transitory lives, they purchase and they lean on any available phony and unreal ideas in the market.   They should look for true peace and harmony inside themselves as precious human “Infants”.

 به بینندگان آفریننده را     نه بینی مرنجان دو بیننده را
(Do not bother your eyes, you cannot see the creator)

A good architect or a building designer may be capable of designing and understanding a building project with one thousand or any number of floors and 100,000 or more rooms.

We also as none architect are capable to grasp, understand, and sense such a building size.  But, the design of a building with unlimited floors and unlimited rooms and so on is beyond our imagination and is out of our intelligent ring, for now.    

Therefore, by paying attention to the above simple example, we should not try to come up with any definitions, thoughts, or remarks about the "Human Project" and its designer "PE" at this time.    

The readers are invited to be temporarily patient and agree with the
“IOMT”.  The natures, origin, and characteristics of the “PE” and the “Human Project” will be discussed at near future.

The “
IOMT” is confident that, the readers, who agree to spend some time on this article, will find her/him a new, gentle, calm, and solid base and ground to live on.

In the design of humans, “
PE” added a new and unusual and distinctive component of the "Brain System" into the human "Infants" essence and body.  

The "
Brain System" is the reason for all the complexity and mysteriousness.

The “
Brain System”   is the reason that our lives are not limited, controlled and constrained such as animals or plants.

The “Human Project
" have been designed as a "Design-Build" Project and continually keeps progressing until we as the humans complete all the courses and graduate from
the "
Human School".

We have to realize, recognize, and appreciate the important roles of the humans in the “Human Project" design.

The construction of the "
Human Project” is at a very early stage. It will take an infinite amount of time to be completed.

The construction of the "
Human Project" shall be completed when we all graduate from the "Human School".

Remember we are hardly using less than 10 % of our “
Brains Systems”!

The "
Human Project" and the "Human School' are so intelligently designed. We as humans are required to comply with all specifications, and blue prints of the design. We should continue learning and developing the design and construction of the “Human Project”.

The roles that have been given to humans in the "Human Project" are extremely significant, valuable and productive.
The power, strength, energy, and drive of the
"Brain System" are beyond our imagination.    It seems that “PE” by adding the “Brain System" into the human essence, actually have put part of herself into the human infants bodies.

We should also know that, we are above the Nature.
Our abilities and potentials are beyond the nature.

We should know that, after we complete the "
Human Project” and graduate from the "Human School", we will find all the keys to the entire closed doors and all the answers to the unknowns.  At that point we will receive the finest and the greatest reward and treat from the “PE”, which is the ultimate human "infants" success and peace.

Please pay real and sharp attention in order to begin perceiving, absorbing, and grasping this unique and elegant design of the
"Human Project".  We have to listen to our healthy "Brain Systems” signals and gestures.  

We also must get rid of old and deteriorated thoughts and furniture residing in our “
Brains Systems” storage.  

We have to keep our thoughts free from any restraints and allow them to fly freely.  We have to continually down load our “
Brain Systems" with the new updates.  

Remember, in a room full of old furniture, there will be no space for the new furniture.  

Remember, those anti-human brain viruses in our "
Brain Systems" cruelly and maliciously try to stop us from developing the "Human Project".  

Our roles, tasks, and missions are very clear.   We were created as "infants".  We should try to live as human "infants".

Is there any doubt in mind of anybody that we have not been created as human "

It is so simple to understand.  We have not been created as a dog, cat, lion, and tree.

Please pay attention!
The “
IOMT” is saying that we have been created as human "Infants".
In order to become humans, we need to graduate from the “
Human School”.

If you continue to read, you will find out that the design and structure of the “
Human Project” is still under construction.

Therefore, being created as human
"Infants" and behaving as humans are two different developments.

In order to succeed in performing any project, we need to follow an appropriate plan, schedule, and discipline.

Let us follow the “
IOMT” thoughts for now, and agree that, we have been created as "Infants".

We can always, reject, or make any comments, after reading this article thoroughly.

Of course, it will ultimately come to us, after we graduate from the “
Human School".  

We should take our time and relax and perform our roles, tasks and missions as applies to us as "

We should stop making judgments, pressurizing our minds, and believing others in order to find how to live.

All we have to do is, open our eyes and ears and attend and stay in the “
Human School" and on the Human Path and keep learning and developing the "Human Project".   When we do that, we will enjoy all of "PE” rewards and treats".

We should avoid sticking to one thought, idea, belief, and theory and keep insisting that such ideas are the ultimate and completed and closed the door of our “
Brian Systems” to new arrivals.

If we do that, then we shall miss a lot of opportunities of learning about million and million new ideas.

Remember; we should not disregard the values, roles, and essence of the variable "
Time" in our lives.   We have to try to deeply and seriously understand the value and roles of the variable "Time".

As Famous Persian Poet"
Ferdowsi" Said:

نه مرگ از تن خوش بتوان سپوخت        نه چشم زمان را کس بسوزن بدوخت
چو دیدار یابی بشاخ سخن        بدانی که دانش نیاید به بن
جز این است آیین پیوند و کین          جهان را بچشم جوانی مبین
زمانه بیکسان ندارد درنگ         گهی بهره  نوشست و گاهی شرنگ

Ferdowsi" said:

به بینندگان آفریننده را     نه بینی مرنجان دو بیننده را

It may not be easy to remove the viruses from our "
Brain Systems", but it is possible.

As famous Persian Poet "
Moulavi" said:

Except death, for everything else there is a remedy! (There is a remedy for everything except death)
Please wake up!

We should respect and trust in "
PE" and try to make ourselves purified and qualified to step into the proper human living path.
We should comply with the rules and regulations which are required for the “
Human Project” design to prosper.

As per
"IOMT", life is a very sensitive, fragile, blessed, and thoughtful, phenomenon.  If we do not take it as serious as we should, we will suffer and we will also cause trouble to our fellow classmates.  As a result the completion of the "Human Project" which is the ultimate goal of our mission as a human students will be delayed.

Let us look at the roles of certain other live creatures.

For example: One of the beautiful live creatures is a dog:   

While the dog is a lovely species, it is still a kind of species with certain limitations.  In China or in France, the Dog speaks (barks) the same language.  The Dog tasks, roles, and natures are the same in the entire world.      

The project of designing and construction of the Dog, as a live creature, had already been fairly completed or in another language the project of dog had been signed off.

The above definition almost applies to other beautiful live creatures, as well.  

All live creatures (in our world), despite their own complexities and wonders cannot be compared to the human "

They have simple design and almost routine roles, tasks, and missions.  
Their designs are almost final and there are no new significant changes or revisions to them by the passage of the variable “
Time”.  The variable "Time" factor does not have the same value, role, and effect as it does with the human "Infants".

Each of them has a limited “
Lifetime”, limited roles, and limited tasks during their lives.  Their lives are very simple and they are not designed to carry their responsibilities to the next generations.

But, there is no simplicity in the design and construction of the human "

The complexity and mysteriousness of the design of the human "
Infants" is not less than the complexity and mysteriousness of the designer “PE” herself.

That’s why they say: If you want to learn and know about the “
PE”, you should first study, learn, identify, and discover yourself.  

So, by now, we know that, we are the human species, and we are not the same as other living creatures.   

We also understand that we do not have a simple, routine, and regular roles, tasks, and missions.  

Our abilities and potentials are beyond the nature.

Therefore, if the Dog is supposed to live like a Dog, we as human "
Infants" are supposed to try to live like the humans to fulfill our responsibilities.

Here, we are facing a big challenge, and that is; how can we, with all obstructions and barriers and opposes in the nature, environment, specifications, blue prints, and all other related project documents, still continue to live as human students and build the
"Human Project”?

This is an important and critical question that we should ask ourselves every second of our lives.

By now, we also have learned that all the challenges that we as human students confront in our lives have been provisioned, expected and estimated, in the specifications, blue prints, and project documents of the "
Human Project" design.

Therefore and instead of fighting with them, getting exited, and heating up our feelings, we should utilize our "
Brain Systems" to handle these challenges intelligently.

Never use your emotions and feelings to confront these challenges.

This is the way our "
Brain Systems" become active and develop.  Or, in other words, this way the "Brain Systems" gets its exercising.

It is like muscles in our body that grow, by physical exercising and lifting weights.

The difference between muscles and "
Brain Systems" is that, there is a limit for growing and developing the muscles, and there is a limit for lifting the weights,
but the
"Brain System" has no limit to grow and develop.

If we do not try to live like humans, we are indeed not living at all.

We are just wasting our limited living energies.  We are also slowing down the progress of the "
Human Project".

This is the reason why the “
IOMT” was born in 2012.
Do Not Forget !

We are still "
infants", in the system of Human Life Time.
As they say; we, as human "Infants", are hardly using less than 10% of our brains!

We shall meet "
PE" !
When we use 100% of our "
Brain Systems".

As the famous Persian Poet “Saadi" said:
رسد آدمی بجایی که بجز خدا نبیند
بنگر که تا چه حد است مقام آدمیت!

All we have to do is keep our eyes and ears open.
I mean open open not closed open.

Born:2012- Rev: May 4, 2015 - New York- Bozorgmehr

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