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20- Self Destruction

Brain Virus

Self Destruction !

In respect to destruction of human "Infants" kind!

"The voluntary destruction of something by itself.”

BV-8) Can anybody tell me why some of us desire to destroy ourselves?

BV-8-1) Are we the hostages of the some sub-human "

BV-8-2) Why do not we protect ourselves from them?

چون نیک نظر کرد پر خویش در آن دید                گفتا ز که نالیم که از ماست که بر ماست

"ناصر خسرو"         

This challenge (self destruction) clearly exhibit and reveal the extend and unlimited boundaries of the “
Human Project” and the greatness of the design and its details.

It also proves that the only “ PE” is capable of designing such a mysterious, complicated and unique project.

Be Careful !

Born:2012-Rev:April 22, 2015-New York- Bozorgmehr

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