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2- What is "BV" ?

Brain Virus

What is the "BV"?

BV-2) What is  the “Brain Virus”?

BV-2-1) Compare the human "Infants" brain viruses with the computer viruses.

The human "Infants" "Brain System", as per its original design, is suitable to receive certain programs.
Any computer CPU is also made for certain special programs.  
A computer effected by a virus cannot have an output that it was expected from the original software (program).   We usually try to remove the virus or reformat the hard drive.
In order to protect the computers from viruses, we use anti-virus software.

The same scenario applies to the human "
Infants" "brain System".  
If our "
Brain System" gets effected by anti-human viruses, we shall not have an human output as it was originally designed for.

BV-2-2) Find the similiarity role and function between the human "Infants" brain and CPU Unit in the Computer.

It is that Simple !

Please do not complain if someone is not trying to behave like or as a human being

Feel sorry for that person, because there is a anti-human virus in her/him brain system.

A lovely DOG that is one of the best friends of human "Infants", when is effected by the virus of rabies becomes extremely detrimental.

You may see changes in climates.
But, the value of humans do not change.

Do you have viruses ?

Born: 2012-Rev:April 20, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr




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