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18- Slavery!

Brain Virus

Slavery !

"A civil relationship in which one person has absolute power over the life, fortune, and liberty of another"

BV-9)  Inserting and contaminating the human "Infants" "Brain Systems" with anti-human "Infants" viruses is 1,000,000 times worse than
              We are still paying back for the error made by our ancestors that disregard the value of their classmates, human "
Infants", and used them as slaves.  
By letting the Mentally ill people and people with the contaminated anti-human "
Infants" viruses commit such horrible crimes against human "Infants" by inserting anti- human "Infants" viruses, we all including mentally ill people themselves suffer and our future generations shall suffer and pay back 1,000,000 times more than what we have been paying for the slavery error.

In original design of "
Human Project" by "PE", no one should be left out.

We will finally win this challenges and we will complete the "
PE" design of the "Human Project".

We all as classmates will ultimately graduate from the "
Human School" together.
The errors by some of our fellow classmates cause trouble for all the students including themseves.

Those who faster trust in "PE" and trust in " Human Project" will continue going to “ Human School”  and stay there until they graduate.   Those people will enjoy all the "PE’s Rewards and treats" such peace and harmony in their lives.

AS Persians say:

یک دیوانه سنگی در چاه می اندازد که سد عاقل نمی توانند در بیاورند!

As the famous Persian Poet " Parvin Etesami"  Said.

سختی کشی ز دهر چو سختی دهی به خلق         در کیفر فلک، غلط و اشتباه نیست

(پروین اعتصامی)

Persian and Slavery:

If you truly know Persians, and put the politics on the side, you accept that the Persians can never treat another person as a slave.

The practice of slavery in Achaemenid Persia was generally banned.

Zoroastrianism, the de facto religion of the empire, explicitly forbids slavery.
The kings of Achaemenid Persia, especially the founder Cyrus the Great, followed this ban to varying degrees, as evidenced by the freeing of the Jews at Babylon, and the construction of Persepolis by paid workers."

I am proud of being a persian !

What about you?

Born:2012-Rev:April 22, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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