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16- Removing "BV"

Brain Virus

Removing "BV"!

BV-2) How do we remove the Viruses or undo Brainwashing (Braincontaminating)?

" A": What can we do to remove our classmates anti-human brains' viruses?

" B":
What can they do themselves to remove their viruses?


We can provide the followings:

BV-2-0) Rehabilitation and Treatments.

BV-2-1) Give a person love or meaning to their life so they do not easily succumb to braincontaminating.

BV-2-2) Remove the source of Virus and Brainwashing (Braincontamination) permanently.

BV-2-3) If the viruses can not be removed from the Hard Drive of a Computer, It must be re-formatted.
We have to utilize the same technic and remove the the existing damaged and unhealthy data and provide new healthy data.


The people with unhealthy brains that contain anti-human "Infants" viruses must take the following steps to cure themselves:

The 1st step and almost the biggest step is that to identify and recognize that their "Brain Systems" have been contaminated with anti-human "Infants" viruses.

This is not easy, particularly if they are still living in a contaminated air. But, it is not impossible.

2nd step is to learn and understand their precious value as human "Infants".

3rd step and after they learn and realize that how valuable and significance they are.
4th step is that, they try to protect themselves from any physical and non-physical anti-human "
Infants" viruses.

5th step is that they keep trying to control themselves from any physical and non-physical behaviors that they do not like when other classmates perform.  Gradually and by passing the time, these new and better behaviors will become a routine and habit for them.

After that the baby is born, the body and "Brain System" of the baby began to grow as per rules and regulations in "Human Project".
During this time the baby is facing a lot of challenges.  Such as find the food, water, finding protections agains natural disaster, germs and deseases, and so on.  These challenges  exist and they are provisioned in the specification of the   "
Human Project" design.  These challenges make us to grow physically and mentally.
  We have to stay healthy in order to deal with all these challenges.

The  "
IOMT" believes that in addition to the all routine challenges, the " PE", in her design, had calculated and provisioned the new challenges made by human "Infants" among themselves.
As per "
IOMT" we shall finally over come these man made challenges.

They have been considered, anticipated, and provisioned in the specifications, blue prints, and related documents of the "
Human Project".

Our "
Brain Systems" get more excersising by challenging these man made ones.    

Our "
Brain Systems" get much more excersising and grow much faster by facing these man made challenges.

The "
IOMT" names and calls these challenges the human "Infants" errors.

As  "
IOMT"  said several times before, we as human "Infants", as classmates, will graduate from "Human School" all together or none of us will.

Contaminating each other "
Brain Systems" is a human "Infants" error.  It is very obvious and clear that in order to grow and deal with challenges, we need to have a healthy body and healthy "Brain Systems".  When we contaminate the "Brain Systems" of our classmates, we waste a great deal  of living energies.  

Isn's that amazing and misterious how the "
Human Project" have been designed?  That's why the "IOMT" calls our Designer, Architect, and Creator the most inteligent designer that could have been existed.
According to "
IOMT" the "PE" have inserted a part of herself into our body, therefore, we shall over come all the challenges.

Why the human "Infants" make suh a big misake by contaminating the other human "Infants" "Brain Systems"?

Do you see how the "PE" system is working?

If you do not see it know, be patient, it will come to you.

Remember, one of the foundations of  the "
Human Project" is based on the "Learning Process".
Remember, the two variables "
Time" and " Place" are the other two foundations.

Remember, there is no one else to help us to grow, but ourselves.

Never think that  the"
IOMT""  has the answer to all the questions and can justify all the existing challenges at this time.   

The "
IOMT" is still a baby !

Try Hard

Born:2012-Rev:April 22, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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