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14- Following the Othert's

Brain Virus

Following the Other's

Do not forget that, it is much more worse, than living in a wrong path, is that we thoughtlessly follow the other’s wrong paths.

If we seriously, value and respect ourseves, and we wish to discover the true path of living as  human "
Infants", we should keep studying and completing the "Human School". We should refuse to be an exclusively a follower.

Unless, it brinsg us peace, or makes us a better human "
Infants", or inspires us to continue and completing the "Human School".

Aren’t we curios to know why there are so many troubles in our class (Glob’s) of  the " Human School"?

Isn't the time for us to wake up and realize that all those progress undeveloped and incomplete theories, thoughts, and ideas have been contributing to these troubles?

You are a part of
the "PE"!

Born: 2012- Rev: April 22, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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