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11- Closed Door

Brain Virus

Closed Door!

If you do not see and do not know what is behind the existing closed door, please do not guess.

You better try to find the key and open the door to see what is behind the door.

Please accept that every guess you make is unfortunately 100% wrong and has no genuine value.  

As the Famous Persian Poet Ferdowsi Said:

به بینندگان   آفریننده    را                  نبینی,   مرنجان  دو بیننده   را

“Do not bother your eyes; you cannot see the Originator by naked eyes.”

Your guess not only is incorrect, but it creates a great deal of harmful side effects.

These undesirable side effects cause to delay and slow down the process of studying in and graduating from the "
Human School".

Remember a person with healthy brain and mind will never blindly guess and accept any belief without reasonable evidence.

In conclusion, how many guesses required being experienced, and how much more people have to suffer and get hurt before we realize that all guesses as of present time, had been incorrect.

Please let us continue our studying by going to the "
Human School".

We have to stop producing “
BV” and instead, we have to make sure no one will be left out and behind.

Remember we will all altogether graduate from the "
Human School" or no one will.

Please Open Your Closed Mind's Door !

Born: 2012-Rev:April 22, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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