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10- Human Value

Brain Virus

Human Values!

Architecture and Engineering for Humanity
“Architects and Engineers are incredible innovators and modernizers”

It is time, for some of our classmates, to say goodbye to old immature, politically correct, and unsubstantiated thoughts, views and ideas about the humans and the creator.

It is 2015; you may need to flush out your “
Brain Systems”.

Some of our fellow classmates mistakenly try to bulid a cage around the other classmates and isolate them and keep them out of work force, who are designing and building the "
Human Project".

This kind of errors, in reality, initially damage and hurt those who make the errors and secondly cause trouble for all of the human "Infants".

You may find yoursef in this kind of situations.
 You may get stuck and could not free yourself physically from the cage.
In this kiond of situation take the following steps:
Firstly, try to advise your fellow classmates of their errors.  
Secondly, if your time is right and you really want, you can always have your  "
Brain System" perform and follow the rules and regulation of the "Human Project" ignoring the existing cage.

Those parts of the all the religions that are involved with the human rights and support the human "
infants", are actually helping and supporting the design and construction of the "Human Project".  
The only part which take advantage of the very hungry and open market and try to sell unreal, frictional, and illusory thoughts and ideas, is the one, which sabotage and harm the design and construction of
the "
Human Project".

Remember, some of our fellow classmates are not aware of their unspeakable value as the human "
Infants" and they also do not pay attention to their unique roles, tasks, and mission as per pecifications, blue print and other project documents of the incredible design and construction of the "Human Project".     They ignore that they abilities and potentials are beyond the nature.  Unfortunately, they also dismiss the power and strength of the unique architect and creator "PE".
Therefore, and in order to have peace and harmony in their transitory lives, they purchase and they lean on any available phony and unreal ideas in the market.   They should look for true peace and harmony inside themselves as precious human “

Some of our classmates are very ambitious to somehow make their transitory lives meaningful.  Therefore, they purchase anything in the market.

Remember that the market for buying and selling any ideas about creator and humans is a function of the variable time and place.    Depends on our classmates timing and locations, the market can be very hot and demanding.   

رسد آدمی به جایی که جز خدا نبیند    بنگر تا چه حد است مقام آدمیت

Have you ever had the chance to think about your values and
your worth, as a human "

Do you think that your significant role, task, and mission as a human "
Infants" is as simple as being born at Point “A” and die at Point “B”?

Such a naive thought that would be! That would amount to a waste of your time and energy as a human "

But don't worry if you’ve never quite understood this or appreciated your role, task, and mission.  It is not too late to understand and appreciate.  It is in fact never too late, no matter how old you are.  You still have time to study and discover your values.  

Are you truly and sincerely interested, as a human "
Infants", to learn about your exceptional and potential values?

Are you ready to accept or would you like to learn that you as a human "
Infants" could overcome the nature herself?

Are you interested to know that you as a human "
Infants" are the finest, the greatest, and exceptional creation?  

Are you interested to know that you are truly the epitome of all establishments?

Doesn’t it make you proud and pleased, knowing that your abilities and potentials are beyond the nature?

Doesn't it make you feel good and upright, knowing that your values are amazing and incredible?

Doesn’t it make you proud to know that you are the finest establishment among all the beings?
Do you think that, it is prudent to reject or dismiss all of the above values about the human "
infants", even for a second?

Do you feel that we need to get approval or confirmation from others, or from those who call themselves authorities in order to acknowledge and respect our values?

Do you have any hesitation or misgivings that may prevent you from accepting, understanding, and appreciating your mind-blowing values and potentials?

Unfortunately, ignoring and dismissing the human "
infants" values have been one of the colossal errors of some of our classmates.

Therefore, the real question is; is the “
Brain System” defected with anti-human "infants" viruses or not?

Of course, it is very clear and obvious that, any person with healthy and clear “
Brain System” is capable of seeing the human "infants" values.

Otherwise, our values of abilities and potentials are right there, in front of our eyes.
As per Famous Persian Poet “Saadi”:

برگ درختان سبز در نظر هوشیار        هر ورقش دفتری معرفت کردگار

رسد آدمی به جایی که جز خدا نبیند       بنگر تا چه حد است مقام آدمیت

So, how come some of the fellow classmates refuse to see them or they choose to deny them?

There must be something wrong with those who are in denials of their own or their classmate’s values.

Do you know why the “
IOMT”  has so much anxiety reminding us of our exceptional and beautiful values?

The “
IOMT” is trying to restore the ignored human "infants" values and eventually the human "infants" behavior.

Remember, our 1st and vital responsibly is to protect ourselves and our values.

Therefore, we should not allow that, some of our fellow classmates, with old-fashioned thoughts and ill and tampered mind- set, to prevent us from seeing our values.

Why is it that so many of our fellow classmates need to have approval from others in order to shape their own lives?

But, as per “
IOMT”, all you have to do is believe in yourself, accept your responsibilities and values and try to live as a human "Infants".

On the other hand, the “
IOMT acknowledges that, the inserted anti-human "infants" viruses into some of our fellow classmates’ “Brain Systems” have disabled them to see and comprehend their values clearly.

The “
IOMT” is also acknowledging that, the function of inserting anti-human "infants" viruses, is one of the horrible and nasty human "Infants" errors.

Remember, it is one of the chief and critical responsibilities of each of us and each of our fellow classmates, as per specifications of the “
Human Project” design, to protect her/him against anti-human "infants" viruses.

As per “
IOMT” in order for us to have peace and harmony in our lives, we should take and protect our lives very seriously.

Remember, it is impossible to try to live like human
"infants", if our “Brain Systems” are defected.

Remember, in order for you to understand the “
IOMT”, you should take your life very substantial and try to learn to think hard and intelligently.  

As per “
IOMT” we have very important roles, tasks, and missions as human "Infants".

As per “
IOMT”, unless, we understand, accept, and comply with our assigned and designed responsibilities, we are not able to have peace and harmony in our lives.

You should know that the "
Human Project" is the ultimate and the most fantastic design by the "PE".  

The design is so precious and lovely that the “
PE" has inserted a part of herself into essence and body
of the human "
Infants".  Like a cameo appearance in her most treasured work!

At the same time, human "
Infants" are governed by very stringent disciplinary codes.

The “
PE” has specified different disciplines and codes for the other creatures as well.

Of course, all the creatures must have some kind of codes to live by.   

But what separates human "
Infants" from the other creatures is a set of additional rules and regulations that are specifically established by the “PE” for the human "Infants".

Therefore, we as human "
Infants" must comply with all those rules and regulations in order to complete the design and construction of the “Human Project”.  

That is why the “
PE” has equipped us with the powerful and distinct “Brain Systems", so we can comply with all those bonus rules and regulations.

If you fail to comply with those handout rules and regulations, then you are not using your gifted "
Brain Systems".

As a result, you are not going to have peace and harmony in your personal life yet.
You also delay the progress of the design and construction of the “
Human Project”.

In addition and most important, you waste, yours and your fellow classmates, limited live energies.

 While there is no limit to the energy of a human "
Infants", each individual is, by design, mortal and therefore has a time limit by which to expend this limitless living energy.  That is, from the time of birth to the point of death.  Therefore, do not waste any of your energy, even for a second.  Do not take any of this precious time for granted because wasting any of your living energy during this valuable time is the worst and biggest of all human "infants" errors!

Naturally, no healthy minded human "
Infants" should wish to waste her or his living energy.

In order for you to better understand the “
IOMT”, please continue to read.

Is the human "
infants" life priceless?


Of course it is.

Another challenge that we as human "
Infants" have been experiencing in the “Human School” is watching the human "Infants" errors, of setting dollar values on the human "Infants" lives.  
 What a disaster!

While we consider ourselves the leading live creature that  
PE” has created so far. Some of our classmates have been measuring our values with the money.

Our human "
infants" values have been downgraded to an amount of approximately $50,000.00 per year for a quality life.  

How much more can we insult ourselves and how much more can we disrespect the “

We have to remember that, those numbers, dollars, and so on are only statistical and they do not actually and truly represent the human "
Infants" values.  

Governments, businesses, insurance companies, and so on have to keep these statistics for their own purposes.  

Please don’t be confused and please don’t let these numbers and dollars mislead you.

You are not a number and you are not a dollar amount.  

Please do not lose your dignity, your nobility as human "

You are loved and exceptionally respected and dear!

Do not devalue, degrade, the values of  human "
Please do not lose your dignity and nobility as hman "

As the Famous Persian Poet “
Ferdowsi" said in regard of the Values of Humans.

ز آغاز باید که دانی درست         سر مایه ی گوهران از نخست
زه راه خرد بنگری اندکی         که معنی مردم چه باشد یکی

ترا از دو گیتی برآورده اند       به چندین میانجی بپرورده اند
نخستین فطرت، پسین شمار        تویی، خویشتن را به بازی مدار     

Thanks to V.F. and E.M. for their input
Born: 2012- Rev: May 5, 2015-New York- Bozorgmehr

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