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0001- Preface " Images of Thoughts"

Brain Virus

A few words about the

Image of my Thoughts" !


The "
IOMT" is a variable creative flow of thoughts not a rigid and final one.

Subject of the "Human" !

The subject of the "
Human" that  "IOMT" is presenting and focusing  on, is not a new subject.  
The subject of the "
Human" has already been presented, expressed, displayed, and defined over and over by others.  

Threrefore, the " IOMT", is not claiming that she is the only source of producing ideas, thoughts, definitions, and theories about  the subject of the "Human".

The “
IOMT” believes that the subject of the "Human" is much more simple and practical to undestand, when it is presented as a unprecedented "Human Project".   
The "
IOMT" also is not trying to compete, challenge and condemn any previous and past Faiths, Beliefs, Ideas, thoughts, and Theories about the subject of the "Human" at all.    

The "
IOMT" does not have any intention to invite anybody to accept her thoughts and definitions or ask anybody to change her or his former beliefs, faiths, thoughts, and ideas at all.  

But, the “IOMT” well comes every body challenges.

The "IOMT" is not claiming that she has all the answers or she has found all the keys to the closed doors.  

The "
IOMT" believes that if we pay real attention to the two variables of "Time" and "Place"  and look into the subject of the " Human" deeply, we shall see that in reality no one thoughts is 100% wrong.  
On the contrary, there is some truth in their thoughts, but they are incomplete and immature.

With regard to variable "
Time", all the ideas, thoughts, and definitions are time dependency ones, or they all are functions of variable "Time" and they are not final.

The "
IOMT" believes that, they should include certain clauses in their ideas and thoughts for the harmful side effects of their productions.

The only time the "
IOMT" holds anybody responsible of misleading, is when they claim that their theory is 100% complete and final.

As "
Khayyam" said:

صیاد ازل که دانه در دام نهاد          صیدی بگرفت و آدمش نام نهاد
خوب و بدی که میرود درعالم          او میکند و بهانه بر عام نهاد

Born:2012- Rev:April 29, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr



The human "Infants" life itself is very complicated, mysterious, and puzzled, so we have to be aware and careful not to increase the degree of the existing confusions by bringing up or producing  any unreal, unsubstantiated, undeveloped, misleading, ideas, thoughts, and theories
or by making irrational conjectures about the "
Human Project".

As per "
IOMT" in other chapters, our confusion is due to the lack of or shortage of data.

If we do not have all the data, how come we decide not accept what ever exist and what ever happens and in addition, we allow ourseves to reject them and demand and expect different ones.  

You should ask yourselves that, base on what knowledge and experiences you make such worthless claims?

We all have experinces with some of our fellow classmates, who have almost everything, but still they try to achieve more.   The same classmates never seems atisfied and never have peace and harmony.
  Because what they are looking for, is not there.  They are traveling on unhealthy and wrong road.

Some of our fellow classmates spend a lot of their living energies and looking for a mirage.

The "
IOMT" is trying to tell us that the water which we are looking for, is right here next to us.

As the famou persian poet "
Hafiz" said:

سالها دل طلب جام جم از ما میکرد       هر چه خود داشت ز بیگانه تمناّ میکرد

By not using our "
Brain Systems" and expecting the life be different, our confusion becomes huge.  Because, we are barking on the wrong tree.

As Famous Persian Poet " Ferdowsi " said:

اگر با تو گردون نشیند به راز          نیابی هم از گردش او جواز
که گیتی یکی نغز بازیگرست          که هر دم ورا بازیی دیگرست
یکی را ز ماهی به ماه آورد          یکی را ز مه زیر چاه آورد

به دشمن همی ماند و هم بدوست          از و مغز یابی, گهی, گاه پوست          

Born: 2012- Rev: April 29, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

Source of "IOMT" !

The "IOMT" is inspired by the great people such as Khalil Jalali Farahani, Cyrus the Great, Ferdowsi, Moulavi, Saadi, Mehrafarin, Regular People, and Science, Environment.

As per Saadi, Famous Persian Poet:

برگ درختان سبز در نظز هوشیار        هر ورقش دفتری معرفت کردگار

Born: 2012-Rev:April 29, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

Current and Present Goal of "IOMT" !

The  "IOMT" intention is to provide  peace and harmony in my own life and hopefully in my classmates lives.

The "
IOMT" hopes that you as a reader and as my fellow classmates find the " IOMT" a harmless and innocent medicine.

While making the above statement, the "
IOMT” still has no intention to invite you to accept this thoughts carelessly.

Neither the "
IOMT" is planning to convince and pursue you into subcribing these thoughts.

As it was said above the intention of the "
IOMT" is very clear.

The only reason that the "IOMT" is out, is that for you to view or for you to make any comments.  The "IOMT" wishes to share these thoughts with her classmates.  

The "
IOMT" is trying to provide her classmates more and new foods and nutrition to flourish.

Presently, the "IOMT" is also a baby and needs much more time to grow.

Born:20123-Rev:April 29, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

Ultimate Goal of "

The  ultimate goal of the "IOMT"  is to reach the “Eutectic Point” and celebrate, with all fellow classmates,  the “PE” gratification and accomplishment of the building and completing the "Human Project" design.

At the "
Eutectic Point" when the followings are achieved, the "IOMT" rest her case:
Graduating from the "
Human School", and
Completing the "
Human Project", and
Meeting with the "

Born: 2012-Rev: April 29, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

Eutectic Time !

The value and importance role of the variable "Time" element in our lives have constantly been mentioned by the “IOMT".

It is very critical and important that the readers understand the intention of the "

The intention of the “
IOMT” is not to debate and define how the human "Infants" were created.   

This subject has purposely left out at this time.   The "
IOMT”  will debate and define this subject at later time in the future.

The IOMTis displaying and defining the present existance of the human "Infants".

This is one of the differences between the “
IOMT" and the others thoughts.

Presently, the “
IOMT" is concern about the current and present existence of the human "Infants".  

The "
IOMT" , is presenting the human "Infants" by using a civil engineering unprecedented terminology of  the " Human Project".
he presentation of the subject of the human "
Infants", is performed through the eyes and view of a NYS professional civil engineer.

The subject of how the existence was created will be come up at future time when the variable "Time" is atEutectic Point".

The "Eutectic Point" is the moment that the three phenomenon of "Graduating from the Human School", " Completion of the Human Project" ,  and "Meeting with the PE."  happens at the same moment.

As "
Saadi" said:

رسد آدمی به جایی که بحز خدا نبیند           بنگر که تا چه حد است مقام آدمیت

Born:2012-Rev:April 29, 2015- New York-Bozorgmehr

Side Effects!

The intention of  those former producers of ideas, thoughts, and theories were to promote the humanity and develop the " Human Project".

They have neglected to realize that, their thoughts, ideas, and productions were  progress ones and not the finals.

They have been causing a great deal of damages to human "
Infants", wasting a lot of living energies, and slowing down the "Human Project" development.

The reasons for their neglection have been, due to their undeveloped, unsubstantiated, incomplete, and immature nature of they thoughts and their productions.

They just did not realize the harmful side effects of their their medicines.   

As "
Ferdowsi" said:

چو زین بگذری مردم آمد پدید             شد این بندها را سراسر کلید
فطرت پسین شمار         تویی, خویشتن را به بازی مدار

Born: 2012-Rev:April 29, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

Brain System Excersising !

The "Brain System" is a function of two variables "Time" and "Place".

B= ∮(T, P) + C

As per "IOMT" the conditions, difficulties, and inconveniences of all the happenings in the past, present, and the future have already been provisioned, mentioned, and estimated in the specifications, blue prints and all other related documents of the “Human Project” design.

When we use our "
Brain Systems" to deal with all the happenings, experiences, events and all the other challenges in our lives, our " Brain Systems" grow and become more powerful.

As our "
Brain Systems" grow and become stronger, we as human "Infants" make less error than our ancestors.

According to the specifications of the “
Human Project”, design we have to accept all the receiving challenges.

It is also a part of the "
Special and General Conditions" of the “Human Project” design that we have to use our “Brain Systems” when we face these challenges.

This means, we should never use our emotions or our feelings to confront the challenges.

born:2012-Rev: April 29, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

Guessing !

We should also avoid guesstimating, presuming, conjecturing and defining the "Human Project", when we do not have sufficient data, evidences, proofs, and realities.

In another words, if we do not know what is behind the closed doors, we should try to find the keys to open the doors and find out what is there, instead of making any irresponsible assumptions.

Remember, that at the time that our ancestors made and produce those ideas, theories, and thoughts about the "
Human Project", they did not have access to the science and technology that we have today.

Of course and it is reasonable and fair to say that; The future generation shall produce the new ideas, theories, and thoughts about the "
Human Project" which defenitley will completely supperceed or will improve ours.

As "Ferdowsi" said:

ستودن نداند کس او را چو هست            میان بندگی را ببایدت بست
خرد را و جان و همی سنجد او           در اندیشۀ سخته کی گنجد او
به هستیش باید که خستو شوی           ز گفتار بیکار یک سو شوی

Born:2012-Rev:April 29, 2015-New York-Bozorgmehr

Compliance !

On the contrary to our ancestors, the "IOMT" emphesizes AND REQUIRES that our thoughts be incompliance with the following requirements:

1- The specifications, blue prints, special and general conditions, and addenda of the "
Human Project" design.
2-The infrastructures, bodies, and functions, of our productions, embrace two critical variables of "
Time" and "Place".
3- Productions must have open ends.
(The productions should have the nature and properties of creative flow and they would never be assumed final or completed.)

Born:2012-Rev:April 29, 2015-New York-Bozorgmehr

Humans Interactions

Now, let us pay close attention to the relationship between people.  We also conduct a research for the reasons that create frictions and conflicts between the classmates(people).
We shall find out that the immature, unsubstantiated, undeveloped and poor ideas, theories, thoughts, and knowledge about the human "
Infants", had a big part contributing into these frictions.

Or part of the frictions is as a result of their medicine side effects.

As you notice, the important and critical value and role of the variable "
Time" factor, that has been mentioned in "IOMT" over and over.  So, it is natural and normal if our ancestos made those human "Infants" errors.  

Their ideas were very premature.  
Therefore, they could not be accurate.
The variable "
Time" was not at the eutectic point.  
They had not graduated from the "
Human School" by then.
The "
Human Project" had not been completed by then.

Born:2012-Rev:April 29, 2015- New York-Bozorgmehr

Resistance !

There is another major problem with the wrong ideas, thoughts, and theories.  

The producers and the followers become passionate, addicted, accustomed, and comfortable with those wrong ideas.

Therefore, they show all kind of resistances to accept any new changes or new ideas.

They keep defending and making up all the excuses, in order to refuse to accpet any new ideas.

This resistance and refusal to accept the new ideas, is almost normal and is expected.

It can be compared to any drugs or other type of substances that after we get addicted to them, it is not easy to give up.

For some people it is so difficult that they have to get outside help in order to quit.

It is undestandable that no one is comfortable to any changes.

It is much more difficult to make any changes invoved with "
Brain Systems" progams.

It is almost impossible to improve or change some old programs.

One of those though and difficult programs are the religious ones.

Threrefore, we must be very careful when prescriping any medications to cure or improve the human "Infants" lives.

The costs involved to undo the unhealthy side effects of those medications, are much more than their temporary and short time benefits.

Remember, we are always informed of any damages is our body through the pain signals.

When one of out teeth is infected, the pain signal give us a heads up to refer to the dentist.

No one likes dentist, but soon or later, we have to see a dentist.

Unfortunately, as of now, there is no direct pain signal when our "
Brain System" is damaged.

On the other hand, when people with damaged brains or brain viruses, scream for the help, no one hear them out.

The first person, who does not hear the voice for help, is the one who is screaming himself.

It is much easier realizing the problem in a dog when the dog is mewing instead of barking.

But, unfortunately, we do not see it in people who do don’t behave like a human "Infants".

We always assume that the person commits such an unhealthy act is in control and healthy.  

Therefore, instead to help them we decide to punish them.

That is the reason we named the prisons “
Correctional Facilities” and we not call them "Punishment Facilities”.

Born:2012-Rev:April 29, 2015-New York- Bozorgmehr


As, we all know and have experiences, in these situations, the living conditions of the human "Infants" become very poor and unpredictable.

We all are witnessing the conditions of lives in entire world, specially in the Middle East crises.

No one with a healthy "
Brain System" can approve or accept the present conditions of the human "Infants" lives in the Middle East.

To our disbelief and shock, our own classmates and human "
Infants" races, are involved in those situations in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, and as it was said many times before, we are not capable of avoiding all these situations at this time.

Born:2012-Rev:April 29, 2015-New York-Bozorgmehr

Better OFF !

We better off  accepting and consenting that the road we live and travel on is not a smooth and level one.

We better off to surround ourselves to the "
Human Project".

We should also realize that those life experiences , are parts of “
Human Project” design.

We better off to trust in the “
Human Project”.

We better off to trust in “

Born:2012:Rev: April 25, 2015-New York-Bozorgmehr

All Resources !

In order to complete the “Human Project, the designer is using all the available resources.  

These resources include natural resources and manmade resources.

The manmade resources includes but not limited to the human "
Infants" errors.

All these negative and positive challenges have already been anticipated, provisioned, estimated by the designer "
PE" in the specifictions, blue prints, and all othe related documents for developing the "Human Project" design and construction.

All these experiences are serving us to grow and consequence the "
Human Project " to progress.

As per “
IOMT”, the baby falls many times until the baby learns how to walk.

As per “
IOMT" in developing the "Human Project", human "Infants" are reluctant to make a lot of human "Infants" (Falling) until they grow (learn how to walk or become humans).

The falling experience for the baby and human "
Infants" errors phenomenona for people are part of growing and part of the “Human School” and part of developing of the “Human Project”.
Born:2012:Rev:April 29, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

Out Of Luck!

The people who unfortunately are involved in unhealthy experiences in their lives, are out of luck.

As an example; those classmates that are temporarily appointed to the Middle East crises these days.

As per “
IOMT” their unhealthy roles are temporary and when the time is right they will join the rest of the fellow classmates and they will become healthy and constructive.

Of course no one with the healthy "
Bain System", wishes to undertake those sub-human or unhealthy task and mission roles at all.

Human "Infants" errors are real!

Born:2012:Rev:April 29, 2015-New York-Bozorgmehr

No Choice !

The " Human Projet", had aleady been designed by the "PE" as per its own specificatios, blue prints, general and special conditions.

So, any other openions and ideas about the "
Human Project" do not matter.

We all have one choice and that is to comply with it.

As famous Persian Poet “
Hafiz” said:

"کار بد مصلحت ان است که مطلق نکنی"

“You better not to do anything wrong at all.”

Born:2012-Rev: April 29, 2015-New York-Bozorgmehr

Don't You Think !

Don't you think that we are better off to accept the way that the" Human Project" has been designed.

The "
IOMT" recemmends that, it is better for us, to try to have peace within ourseves and with the "PE".

We better off to comply with the "
IOMT" recommendations and keep going to the "Human School", and continue with our learning and designing and building the "Human Project".

We are not capable to find or discover the keys for all the unknowns at this time.  

We better off to patiently continue studying at the "
Human School" until we complete all the courses and graduate.  

Remember all first year students of medical school have to wait until they pass the final board exam, before they can legally advise the patients.

So, why do you blindly accept people's undeveloped, unsubstantiated, undeveloped, incompleted thoughts, words, ideas, who has not graduated from the "
Human School" by then?  

Born:2012:Rev:April 29, 2015: New York_ Bozorgmehr

Temporary Beliefs !

As per "IOMT", in order to have peace and harmony in your life, you may need to have a temporary and transitional faith or belief.   

The degree of our faiths and beliefs in unreal and undeveloped theories, thoughts, and idieas depends on the health conitions of  our "
Brain Systems" and it also depends on the existing programs deposited aleardy in our "Brains Systems".

Make sure that, those temporary and unreal faiths and beliefs, at least, make you a better human "
Infants", and inspire you to complete all the courses
in the "
Human School".

Anyway, until your "
Brain System" rehabilitate itself from the viruses of undeveloped theories and anti-human "Infants", you can temporarily keep those beleifs.  

Make sure that you are in control.

This is probably one of the biggest challenge that we have to face,as human "

We all as human "Infants" have desire to trust.  

The desire signal or feeling is also a part of  the "
Human Project" specifications.

We, at this time, may not have fully control of our desire, but we will.

Challenging our desire is also serving us to grow.

Our desire may now make us to blindly follow the undeveloed and misleading ideas, thoughts, and theories of others, but not for ever.

 We will learn to think harder.

We will learn to respect our incredible values.

We will learn to protect our valuable bodies and our exceptional "
Brain Systems".

As Famous Pertsian Poet" Ferdowsi" Said:

ندانسته در کار تندی مکن          بیندیش و بنگر ز سر تا به بن

"You do not know it, don't rush to do it, Do it after you learn top to bottom of it".

Born:2012:Rev:April 29, 2015-New York-Bozorgmehr

Using Inteligence !

As per specifications of the " Human Project", we should use our intelligence and " Brain Systems" when we facing the challenges and  not our need for survival phenomena, our feelings of greed and other emothions.  

Remember that in "
Human School" either all of the students together shall graduate or none will at all.

As famous Persian Poet “
Ferdowsi" said, regarding using intelligence:

"خرد چشم جانست چون بنگری       تو بی چشم شادان جهان نسپری"

“Your intelligence is your soul’s eyes, you do not live happily without eyes ”.

Born:2012-Rev:April 29, 2015-New York-Bozorgmehr


OUR Values !

The reasons of all of the past and present hostilities, conflicts, and fighting between people with different faiths, conflicts, and beliefs, values, philosophies, and dogmas have clearly been showed and implied the deficiency of those progress, undeveloped, unsubstantiated,
and incomplete ideas.

It is really petty and sad that, we as human "
Infants" do not realize and appreciate our great values.

We simply disregard our significance.

As "
Ferdowsi" said:

چو زین بگذری مردم آمد پدید          شد این بندها را سراسر کلید
فطرت پسین شمار            تویی خویشتن را به بازی مدار

Free yourself from restraints.

Let your thoughts fly freely.

Find yourself on the mountain acme.

Our design is the finest

Born:2012-Rev:April 29, 2015-New York- Bozorgmehr

January 26, 2015

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