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0-human Project Incentives, warning signs and Signals

Brain Virus

Human Project “incentives, warning signs and signals

The unique designer “
PE” in a very unique and amazing technique, has integrated in the specifications, blue prints, general and special conditions, and other “Human Project” design documents, certain
incentives phenomena and warning signs and signals in order to make sure that her creation human “i
nfants” perform their responsibilities as per her design.

Name just a few of these phenomena; pleasure of making love as an incentive, tooth pain as a warning signal, and hunger as a sign.

The incentive pleasure of making love is for reproduction process.   

The warning signal of tooth pain is a notice of having a bad tooth.

The hunger sign is the announcement of the time of feeding the body.

Therefore, we as human “i
nfants” should not indulge and capitalize on these phenomena.

Unfortunately, some of our fellow classmates get so wrapped up by these phenomena, that they miss the main purposes of them.   

As per “
IOMT” it is not that easy not to fall into mindless pleasure trap of these phenomena.

This is why the “
IOMT” describe the “Human Project” one of the most incredible, sensitive, and susceptible design.

The “
IOMT” wants to make sure that we all are clear on this subject.

As per “
IOMT” we as human “infants” should utilize our powerful “Brain Systems” to enhance the level of pleasure of making love, should provide the best quality of food for our bodies, and should have the best medical treatment for our bad tooth.

The point that the “
IOMT” has, is that we should be careful that we do not scarify the humanity for these phenomena.

The human "
infants" are the work force who are designing and constructing the "Human Project".  

Theregfore their bodies should be kept in good and healthy conditions.

The human "
infants" must as per "Human Project" design to repreduce for new work force.

As per "
Human Design" specifications each crew of work force is replaced by the new one by reproduction process.

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