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About the writer!

This is a brief resume of my life as of today.   I was born in Tehran, in August 23, 1947.   By the way, this birth date, may not represent the actual one, due to inferior conditions of our lives at those time.

Since this is not about me, and in order to get to the main line of this writing, I eliminate all the details.

Since my childhood, I had a feeling that something was missing in my life.  I did not know what was that.  Things around me did not make sense to me.  For example; those kids who claimed were from religious family, were not behaving the way they were expected to.  I had a feeling that the world did not have enough space for my thoughts. I was looking for something that I did not know what it was.  Anyway, I thought if I go to new places I would learn more about myself.  So I came to USA.  Part of my missing feeling was answered.  I realize that in my home country I was not treated like a human "
Infants".  The basic human "Infants" right of freedom, nothing to do with Politics, was mistreated.   In USA I actually found more about  myself.  But, the feeling of missing something was still bothering me.  A few years back I met Mehrafarin and together we established a none profit organization which became, NGO, trying to change the world for better.  In March 2012, we defended the Lovers rights at United Nations.  After spending all my saving I had to close the organization.  But,  that unknown feeling was still bugging me.

Finally, in 2012, and by getting help and utilizing my profession as a professional civil engineer, I found the missing part of my life.  
I  found a practical, reasonable, sensible answer to the most of the unanswered and the missing parts of the puzzle of the creation.
Now, to show my gratitude for everything that have been provided in my life such as , a great father, beautiful and smart wife, two educated and beautiful daughters,  I am presenting and offering the unprecedented  "
IOMT" to my fellow classmates in the entire world.  I believe we as human "Infants" have been looking for some answers by barking on the wrong tree. In addition to being confused and lost, we have been causing a lot of unnecessary trouble for ourselves as human "Infants". This is an unprecedented view and thought about us as human "Infants", through the eyes of a professional civil engineer.  Of course this unprecedented way of defining our existence will continue until we become humans.   It is very simple, easy, and practical to understand.  There is no political and business associated with this view.  This is to save and free us from wrong and unsubstantiated previous thoughts.   It will bring you peace and harmony.   Please take you time, put all previous thoughts, temporarily, on the side, allow yourselves become free of restraints and fears,  and re-evaluate  your values as human "Infants".   Good Luck.


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