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0- Traffic Light and admission

Brain Virus

Traffic Light and Admission

Before getting involved and asking for ticket to ride and travel with me  on this intelligent road, please stop at red light and carefully review the followings:

- Do you feel the need of new enlightenment in your life?

- Are you ready to be a good student?

- Are you ready to think hard?

- Are you in favor of constant changes?

- Have you reached the time to accept an intelligent, practical, and simple way  of living?

-Are you ready to free yourself from the slavery thoughts?

- Have you reached the time to challenge the religions?

- Are you ready to free yourselves from  fears of being free.

- Do you know that your values are unspeakable?

-Can you accept that your ability and potentials are beyond the nature?

-Are you adventurous enough to discard certain rules and regulation  imposed by the religions?

-Are you ready to accept marriage between two persons disregard their genders?

-Are you ready to accept that certain rules and regulation in the existing religions have been slowing down the growth of civilizations and humanity?

-Are you ready to ride a new intelligent and adventure  brainmobile and travel on an amazing road with the "

-Are you ready to detour  your dark and confused past travelling road, and join the new, pleasant, clear, practical and rational one?

- If you have early potential to perceive all the above, your peace and harmony gift,  is ready for you to be picked up?

- Are you ready to clean up your brain system and making space for new ones?

- Are you brave enough to acknowledge that you do not know much?

- Are you ready to believe in yourself?

- Are you ready to take the control of your life in your hands?

- Are you ready to drive your brainmobile by yourself?

-  Are you ready to protect your "
Brian System", and your body against  anti-humans intrusions?

- Are you willing to undertake your own responsibility as a human "

- Are you ready to accept that, you have been created as a human "

-Have you reached the time to realize that you have to plan and schedule your way of living carefully
and thoughtfully?

- Have you reached the time to realize that you have to depend on yourself first and then on luck?

-  Have you reached the time to accept all the past events and move forward?

- Are you ready to live at present time and not in the past and nor in the future?

Would like to continue?

The "
IOMT" is an unprecedented phenomenon and was born in 2012.   She is almost 100,000,000 second old.    She is growing up with design and construction of the “Human Project”.

She has been using up a lot of my energy.  The road that I started travelling on does not have an end.   Of course after me, another classmate will continue this trip.  This process will keep continuing until the “
Human Project” is completed.

Those fellow classmates, who make early decidsion of travelling on this road, will have early peace and harmony in their lives.  
Of course, I will continue this road to my last drop of my energy.    But, I think I need a vacation to have my “
Brain System” to rest and relax.  Trust me, the “IOMT” is using up a lot of my energy.

lot more energy require continuing this travel.  

If you are interested to come along and have your information registered in this traveling manifest let me know.    
Eventhough, the travelling ticket is priceless, but it is free for our fellow classmates.   The road belongs to all of our fellow classmates.   They actually will receive an early bonus during travelling with me.
They will have peace and harmony.   Therefore, you can make a difference by joining me on this trip.

If you decide to come along after reviewing the
"IOMT", please cheer me up by sending a note indicating how you can assist to make this road smoother and make the design and construction of the “Human Project” faster and gentler.

Trust  the "
IOMT",that this is an unlimited pages of unprecedented thoughts and we are just starting, and we need  much more energy to continue.

Born-2012-Rev. April 27, 2015- New York- Bozorgmehr

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