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0- Definitions and Classifications

Brain Virus

Definitions and Classifications!

1- IOMT= Image of my Thoughts

Human School:  The created human Infants have to gradute from "Human School" to become the humans.  The moment that inifants are created, they enter into the "Human School".  Living as "Infants" until the final development into the "Humans".

Project: A carefully planned and designed an assignment. Such as project of the building a home, project of planning a trip.

Infant: (Human Students- Human Infants) :Undeveloped human or a human at early stage of development.

Human Project: A design-bulid project that its design and construction of it will be completed when a created infant become a human.

PE: An icon representing for whoever, however, and whatever made inifants (Human Infants).

7-Individule Lifetime: Short time of birth to death.

Human Lifetime: Unlimited. It is like relay running match without time limited.

Human Project Design and Construction Documents:  The Human Project like every other projects has been designed and built as per particular project documents including but not limited to, specifications, blue prints, plans, schedule, special and general onditions, addenda, and much more project related documents.

Brain System: Is somehow like CPU in the computers. Is in charge of thinking, alalyzing, planning, complete development of the humans,  and much more.

School: The world is assumed as a school.

Classmates: All the people in the entire world, are students of the same school.

Design-Build Project: A project that the design and construction of it progress at the same time.  The design of the project is not completed before the construction.

Born: 2012- Rev. April 25, 2015- New York- Bozorgmenh

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