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35A- Life is not simple

Brain Virus

Living is Not Simple!

The "IOMT" wishes that the life was that simple.  In the "Human Project", life is not designed to be simple.   Therefore, you have to be ready for challenges.    That is why you are given the developing power of "Brain Systems".

As famous Persian Poet & Writer, Saadi had defined the human "

انسان  اشرف مخلوقات میباشد

The "
IOMT" hopes that so far you have made attention to and have understood the authentic significance of the human "Infants".  If you have, then you will never disrespect and insult any human "Infants".

Remember and be realistic, the chance of having every bodies "
Brain System" healthy is Zero.
The "
Human Project" was not designed to keep all the "Brain Systems" healthy.  If that was the purposes of the "Human Project", there would be no challenges.  Life is a learning process.   The best method of learing and developing is that we are constantly involving in challengings.

The "
Human Project" has been designed with one ultimate goal for human "Infants".    The goal is that, we complete the "Human Project" and the human "Infants" become the humans.

In order to achieve that goal,  we all must to go to the "
Human School" and complete all the courses and graduate.  The "Human Project" shall be considered completed by us at the same time that we graduate from the "Human School".  

Now that we understand the challenges we are facing, we should approach them intellectually.

We must safe guard our "
Brain Systems" of being tempered by viruses and we also should not temper or insert any viruses into the "Brain Systems" of our fellow classmates.

Although, there are many ways and angles that viruses can inter into our "
Brain Systems".   But, we as human "Infants" shall ultimately defeat the viruses.  We also shall reach the level of the humanity and recognition that we will not insert any viruses to the "Brain Systems"  of our fellow calssmates.  on the contrary,we shall help our classmates to remove their previous viruses.

You are born with healthy brains.  Please trust, respect and believe in your power as human "

Do not allow that the conditions of temporary and transistory lives make you feel under or above the human "
Try to be in control all the times.   
Do not care about your temporary conditions of living that you are born in, you are neither less nor more than any other human "
The nature of a dog or a cat or a lion, does not change with regard the place and conditions they live in.  The dog in USA or China they both bark.

It is only the human "
Infants" that are capable of thinking and learning.

We are all human species and have equal rights and must be treated as human "Infants".   We as human "Infants" have different talents.     
Having the different talents were a part of "
Human Project" original design.

You are Important !

Born:2012-Rev:April 23, 2015-New York- Bozorgmehr


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