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17- Re-format

Brain Virus

Re-format !

BV-3)  How soon do you think we will be able to re-format the human "Infants" "Brain System"?

BV-3-1)  First we have to try to understand the nature of human "

BV-3-2)  Second we have to become qualified as the
"Human School"  Students.

) Third we have to appreciate our values and our capabilities and power as human "Infants".

BV-3-3) Fourth  we have to trust and believe in ourselves and know our limitations.

BV-3-4) Fifth we have to trust in "
PE"  as the disgner of the
Human Project".   

BV-3-4-1) Sixth we have to stop trying to define and charactorize the "
PE" before graduating from the "Human School".

BV-3-4-2) We have to start believing in our value and power as a human "Infants", and stop referring, blaming, thanking,

criticizing, signifying,  the man made outside, imagenery, undefined, unsubstantiated, and independent single power, so called "Allah" or "Similar".

As Persians Say:

انسان اشرف مخلوقات هست!

Born:2012-Rev:April 22, 2015- New York-Bozorgmehr

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